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fail0verflow did it again: Ps4 Hacked, Pokemon being played on it using a linux OS

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    fail0verflow did it again: Ps4 Hacked, Pokemon being played on it using a linux OS

    Linux on PS4: Fail0verflow showcase Linux on the PS4, run a Pokémon Demo (video) -

    As we guessed last week in an article entitled “Fail0verflow to announce a PS4 Jailbreak Next week?“, Fail0verflow announced today at the CCC that they owned the PS4 and have Linux up and running on the PS4. They did a very short presentation to showcase the hack, and ran a Pokmon game within Linux on the PS4.

    The PS4 hack entry point runs through what seems to be a Webkit exploit. It is likely they are running the hack on a 1.76 PS4 because of that, but it is also very possible that their exploit runs on higher firmwares (and they’re just using the PS4 Webkit 1.76 entry point for convenience).
    Fail0verflow promised in their presentation that they would release the Linux patches to compile for the PS4 soon. They however stated that people wishing to use Linux on the PS4 should “bring their own exploit”, adding “PS4 security is crappy enough that you don’t need us for that”. In other words, the exploit they found will not be released.

    This is the same group that hacked the Ps3 with Geohot. Sony raided their houses because of it.

    Since the ps4's security is so shit , they will not release a exploit because it's ridiculously easy to find one yourself if you try hard enough and instead release just linux oses that work on the PS4.
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    Actually, I believe the Geohot raid (which was not lead by Sony... That isn't how the legal system works) was executed to prevent destruction of evidence in the legal suit over the suspected monetization of the hack. Hacks like this are arguably protected under either Fair Use, Security Research protections, or personal exemptions in the DMCA, but all of those protections forbid monetization. As soon as you commercialize the hack, that is when you are in trouble (unless it is done with the express permission of the company).

    That being said, Orbis is a FreeBSD spin that doesn't implement secure boot (based on my understanding), and implements several FOSS components as a part of ports. Couple the "FOSS" stuff with the fact that I believe several services run as a privileged user... Well, that is where the hack comes into play. It isn't exactly "Miller/Valseck" levels with the Jeep hack, but based on some process dumps I've seen floating around it is clear Sony needs to get cozy with a company like Bugcrowd. Of course, I could say the same thing about Steam, Microsoft, Nintendo, EA, and Activision.

    Although, this is also a video-game console, not exactly putting people's lives or personal data at risk (FYI, the security Fail0verflow is referring to is embedded security... Has nothing to do with the internet and that type of cracking).

    What is actually more concerning is the lack of a NOP in the GPU. I've never heard of an implementation of assembly that didn't have a working NOP. It is usually one of the first 10 commands implemented.
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