I have bought a Thrustmaster T80 a while back, and somehow a couple peices of dog food got into the pedals, which sometimes caused the pedals to not depress. Not an issue just annoying especially on the game where they didn't put a rewind feature in.

So I have taken the bottom cover off to remove the dog food and the pedals don't have the same response as they used to. The throttle goes wide open at about 3/4 travel. Making that way too sensitive, always spinning the car out. And the brake doesn't show it to be coming on until 1/4 travel the way down. Then comes on way to strong.

Was wondering if any of you had similar problems with the wheel is this manner and what did you do to fix it. I know it is a junk wheel but I don't have the money to be putting towards a T300. Also I used Project Cars to see how the pedals were responding since the have an active throttle trace while driving the vehicle