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A New Trophy Service Offer.

This is a discussion on A New Trophy Service Offer. within the General PS4 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; There is a well known Youtuber who is causing quite a stir on Youtube recently. I'm not going to mention ...

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    A New Trophy Service Offer.

    There is a well known Youtuber who is causing quite a stir on Youtube recently.
    I'm not going to mention his name, you can find out for yourself very easily if you wanted to.
    Anyway, he is offering a trophy service (even recruiting staff) where he goes into your account and basically
    earns your trophies (Platinums) for you.

    I have a friend ( no, it's not me ) in Holland who did pay for this service on ebay in early 2016 and in consequence, got a ban from Sony for it.
    I have mentioned this to the Youtuber in question and he has replied that this cannot be the case.
    He wasn't hostile about it,rather the opposite tbh, he's a nice genuine guy, you can tell by watching him on his channel.

    Anyway, was just wondering what peoples views on here are regarding this.

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    I mean, if you really wanna cheat, you can go to any of a dozen trophy shops on NGU. They do this kinda stuff every day.

    My personal opinion is...well, I don't really care honestly. What other people do with their trophies is their business. The fact that several trophy tracking sites actually allow you to have a certain degree of blatantly hacked trophies and still remain on their leaderboard shows that it's a gray area.

    I'll stick to worrying about my own trophies and making sure the Korean boy on Legrande Street earns my trophies for me. He did wonders on .detuned, Aabs Animals and Linger in Shadows.

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