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Hard mode cyclops question

This is a discussion on Hard mode cyclops question within the God of War: Ghost of Sparta forum, part of the G; When you first go into the mountains and you fight the 2 cyclops and several of the spider-looking things that ...

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    Hard mode cyclops question

    When you first go into the mountains and you fight the 2 cyclops and several of the spider-looking things that spit acid, is there a specific tactic that you're supposed to use? I've mainly been using cyclone of chaos boosted with Thera's Bane, but will also use the Eye of Atlantis while I wait for Thera's Bane to recharge. I've only upgraded the blades of athena. I've tried this battle maybe 20-30 times and keep dying. I almost had it at the 10th attempt, but haven't gotten as close since.

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    That is not an easy fight, although if you are failing 20-30 times then you probably need to adjust your strategy a bit as there are much worse fights than this one to come. Cyclone of Chaos is not very efficient against Cyclops since it is a bit time consuming and does not really hit that hard. You are better off using the [] [] /\ combo and trying to hit both Cyclops with the last hit, as it is a quick combo and you can cancel it if you see a Cyclops is about to hit you. You should have upgraded Thera's bane by now too - you need to use that as often as possible for the "Searing Core" - the "grenade" type thing that stays in the enemy after a powerful attack and explodes after two or so seconds. Then use Eye of Atlantis strategically - don't use it just to refill your Fire Meter - you are actually invulnerable when using Eye of Atlantis so you should use it more in defense than offense. That way you don't get hit and do damage at the same time where you may have been in for a serious beating. I tend to ignore the crabs/spiders as they normally die from your other attacks and don't do much damage, but they can be instantly killed by grabbing them.

    I guess my main point here is change to Plume of Prometheus and maybe even load an earlier save to upgrade Thera's Bane before starting this fight - but you should get there after a few attempts (you probably have already by now).

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