This guy seem invincible to you? been stuck here for hours on end and its starting to annoy you alot? Then your be happy to know i shall share with you my tips and tricks at beating this overpowered boss in 006.

Start off pick up a gun your not gonna wanna use and walk up to the door opening it and shoot all the walkway windows and the main windows in this room also try to shoot out things that can be exploded so you dont get hurt from any of these in the fight reason you do the windows in is because that way you can see him at all times he cant be hiding and taking pop shots at you!

Terralite Assault Rifle & the PT9-INTERDICTUS Shotgun is my weapons of choice here dont forget to grab the body armour by the crates before you go confront 006 now then run out with the Shotgun in hand blast him 2 times and hide watch the mini map and your see him moving he is jumping over the railing this is your advantage shoot him 3-4 more times and the first wave of enemies will start to come out and if done right you wont have been hit yet.

WAVE 1 (8 Enemies)

Then as your be close to the door where he came out run quickly and kill the guy coming out this door but dont go in the door as 006 can sometimes just rush you and melee you once and kill you in an instant instead get tucked in the corner outside the door now aim down the sights and watch the mini map very closely soon as i see a red dot about to come at me i start shooting before i even see the person as 9/10 you wont get hit by the enemy and your end up killing them and maybe another few right after then reload your gun and wait you got to be patient if done right you can actually not lose any body armour here depends how lucky you get and how good your aim is but 2 or 3 hits you should be ok.

WAVE 2 (12 Enemies)

Ok so its back to you and him again for the time being now then watch the mini map very closely you will notice he does the same pattern over and over again running downstairs and coming back up stay in that corner or close to the nearest doorframe and your notice he will jump the railing to get back downsairs and keep repeating the same thing what you wanna do is wait for him to just about near enough jump run out get a shot at him while he in the air and atleast one more when he hits the ground back away back into position and wait he may go on the opposite side if this is the case then you need to slowly pop out with TERRALITE ASSAULT RIFLE and shoot him this will cause him to move and continue on with the pattern rinse and repeat then get back in same position as wave 1.

Now sit here aiming down the sights just like before but when i said about shooting before you see the enemy this is vital here as 006 can try and come to you so if your doing this then he wont enter and he shall jump the railing instead and continue on his pattern by the end of this wave of enemies i have only lost 3 pieces of body armour so its very possible to not get hit much i hope this helps.

WAVE 3 (6-8 Enemies)

Now then here is where he becomes more aggresive he comes at you if your still in that corner wait for him and when he gets there shotgun him and run past him turn around shoot him again if you like then jump the railing get outside and he will start running upstairs again shoot him in the back and here be at the top waiting so slowly pop out aiming down the sights till you can just see him give him a few shots with the assault rifle which will make him move and probably jump back down and here run up the stairs again you guessed it shotgun to the back again rinse and repeat this strategy and you most likely wont be hit if your being very careful i got hit with 6 pieces of body armour and the 3 bars of health i had from the start of this fight

Now then where your sitting in that corner you would of heard 006 call for his Helicopter you got to run to the other side of the same walkway your on so basically the side with no door behind you the chopper shouldnt see you now so get tucked into the corner aiming down the sights and repeat the same method we have been using to pick of these enemies till its down to just you and him again now you need to be really careful here and pick your shots well as you have just killed all these guys infront of you there should be plenty gun power on the floor you shouldnt run out.

He has the same pattern all the time here as he hides behind the crates you shoot him he runs up the stairs then runs back down your gonna wanna blast him in the back on the way down and get back into cover wait for him to get behind crates again and pick your shots rinse and repeat this. If he happens to throw grenades at you jump the railing so your on the bottom floor then just pray he dont throw more at you i had a lucky escape 3 times i kept popping him with my assault rifle getting back into cover then repeating eventually objective gets updated wait for him to completley go off the map.

Now i had 2 and a half squares health i was downstairs and i made a crazy run for it to the elevator get ready HOLD SQUARE this cost me a piece of health and could of been my death i got in there with 1 health square left so its abit luck based on if the helicopter owns you or not now your get a checkpoint follow the QTE = Quick Time Event and bury this annoying cheap excuse of a boss and get your trophies

I Hope this helps you all out in your quest to beating this very cheap boss i felt like a camper doing this but its the only way i found to beat him successfully feedback is welcome