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First GCI DLC Will Be Free

This is a discussion on First GCI DLC Will Be Free within the Gotham City Impostors forum, part of the G; Monolith has announced that the first DLC pack, coming in March, will be free as a thanks for supporting the ...

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    First GCI DLC Will Be Free

    Monolith has announced that the first DLC pack, coming in March, will be free as a thanks for supporting the game.

    The DLC will include a new map set on the 25th floor of the Gotham Times building, two brand new weapons, a new Fun Fact and a new Support item, fixes to the match-making system, new costume items and last but not least; you can finally mute other players

    Here's the full list of content and improvements that will be coming with the DLC:

    • A BRAND NEW MAP: The 25th Floor of the Gotham Times building is about to be your playground for destruction! (Just make sure not to fall of the edge.)
    • JOIN-IN-PROGRESS: Players can now join a match, even after it has started!
    • MATCHMAKING FIXES: Matchmaking has been totally revamped! Those errors you remember? They’re a thing of the past. Gone. Finito.
    • NEW WEAPONS: The Falcon Blade (a bullet-blocking katana worthy of warfare in Gotham) and the Kingmaker (a quick-draw pistol that can humble even the mightiest of Mighties) are available for you to unlock!
    • A NEW SUPPORT ITEM: Toxic Gas! Leave a cloud of nigh-invisible noxious vapors in your wake, that will impair and damage those foolish enough to follow you.
    • A MULTITUDE OF NEW COSTUME CHOICES: In addition to the myriad of costume items already available, we’re letting you dress up like a luchador, a corporate schlub gone mad, and so much more!
    • NEW FUN FACT: The new Nimble Fingers Fun Fact will let you capture Gasblasters faster, and attach/detach batters quicker. The team’s clutch player? Yeah, that’s you.
    • MUTE EARLY, MUTE OFTEN: Ever wanted to squelch that guy blasting techno in the pre-game lobby? Now you can! Easy peezy, lemon squeezy.

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    Well its all great and all, but still no private game hosting...i mean some of those maps are super for some 1 on 1 gameplay. Lots of people would love to launch a private game with friends or clans.

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