im trying to complete this very unrealistic "tennis'-game..the trainig

first they give you 4 spots where you need to hit your bal
1up on the left on up on the right and 1 down leftside one down rightside

for hitting that spot on my controller
for the upright i push my leftstik forwards and the rightstick complete to the right...not like they say in the direction you want to hit...if you do you complete miss...for up left the same but the right stick complete to the left...

and for the down spots i have no idea...i have try to put the sticks in every direction but i can bever hit the white square...always past it always missing.
im really really wondering what the solution here is...
can someone tell me how i need to push my sticks and where what direction.
this game hold no sense no simukation nothing real.its frustating.
pls someone can you explain how to handle this...