Hey guys, I'm curious if anyone else experienced this...

So as of late I've been gunning to get the Plat for this game after years of having let it sit. The only single-player trophy I had not obtained between 2008/2009 had been Endangered Species (and, by default, Key to the City). Ok, so back when I had originally been playing the game, I had used the 100% checklist to knock out every single stat I needed: all the missions, all the assassinations, random strangers, stunts, every friend hang-out, etc., etc. I did everything and I know this for a fact. The reason I decided to stop short was because the pigeons were boring and I just never ended up getting around to it.

So two days ago I decided to sit down, suck it up, and get the damn flying rats. I got all 200, got my trophy, and was expecting the Key to the City trophy to pop. Now, mind you, I've done all of this on ONE save. I have no other GTA4 saves and I haven't "accidentally" done another save or saved somewhere else, it's all been the same save I earned all the other trophies on. Out of curiosity, I go check my Stats and my percentage is around 92/93%. What??

So I start going through them again... despite having gotten the trophy for all 50 stunts, my stats read as having found 50 and only performed 49. Despite having gotten the Qub3d high score trophy, it says I've never even played. Despite having gotten the trophy for flying under all the bridges, it says 0. There were a few other minor wipes there, but it doesn't make sense because I know I always manually save by going to bed every single time I ever quit the game; I never trusted the auto-save, so those stats should have held up. What's worse is that two days ago before I started in on the pigeons, my percentage was around 97.5%--which means the 2.5% for the pigeons would have pushed me right to 100%.

It's not a terribly huge setback--I managed to easily get most of the score stats and wins back no problem. Finding the 50th stunt all over again sucks, and I'm at 30 of 50 on my search, so the last 20 shouldn't even take an hour. If somehow a few of my friend stat activities are missing too, it'll be easy to clean that up as well... It's the strangeness of it all. It makes no sense how one day all is right and then the next a *bunch* of the stats are wiped? It sucks because I know exactly everything I needed to do, had spent the time doing it, and had gotten there to only have it setback for no reason! Has this happened to anyone else?