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US Senator Wants to Ban GTAV

This is a discussion on US Senator Wants to Ban GTAV within the Grand Theft Auto V forum, part of the G; Vulgar, I agree completely. People need to take responsibilty for their actions. It all boils down to parenting and the ...

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    I agree completely. People need to take responsibilty for their actions.
    It all boils down to parenting and the upbringing of a child, amongst other factors of course.
    Banning things wont solve anything.
    It's unfortunate that people will sway so easily, and make excuses, as well as further their own agenda for whatever reasons.
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    I honestly think the time has come to end violence in games , if we got rid of violence in games it would bring an end to gun crime in America , all war throughout the world would stop overnight and it would also bring an end to famine and disease .
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    Maybe the trouble in our country isn't violent video games. Maybe the problem is our WEAK, DILUSIONAL LEADERSHIP THAT'S TOO BUSY PROTECTING THEIR OWN AGENDAS TO FIX ANYTHING. GTA wasn't used in the SHES killings, it was a rifle and a person who never would have passed screening to get a rifle. It's time for gun legislation that makes sense, not looking for a scape goat in video games. If you ban GTA, you might as well ban all violent tv shows too. Fuck I hate this country.

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    Remove all forms of violent media, and look what remains - actual violence in reality. Why not focus on that, and make the real world a better place?

    America's deadly double tap drone attacks are 'killing 49 people for every known terrorist in Pakistan' | Mail Online

    A weapon with 2% success rate. Who the fuck would wield a gun if it only worked 2% of the time? Not only are drones ineffective, the President is sociopathic enough to joke about it publicly Obama Jokes About Killing Jonas Brothers With Predator Drones - YouTube . So who the hell wants to contribute to a society when it's this disgusting? What type of role model and leader is a mass murderer? Actions in reality are FAAAR more influential then some pixels on a screen.
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    Gun control, videogame bannings...

    This type of stuff doesn't really affect the mentally unbalanced. I know I'm old especially bringing up this example, but remember the lawsuit back in '82-'83? 2 kids killed their parents and actually told authorities that the "dungeon master made them do it" referring to Dungeons and Dragons. The television cartoon was subsequently banned, and the adventure and players guides were taken off the shelves at most stores. Comic book stores which did not remove the merchandise were villified by the public as "wanting another similar incident to occur".

    Maybe I'm in the minority but honestly I believe this reactive lawmaking only brings the incitors of these tragedies to the level of infamy they were searching for in the first place. Afterall the United States sense of self-entitlement is greater than ever, and when people enter the greater part of society they feel they are owed an easy life either because that is what society and social media tell them, or they were spoiled rotten as children and have little to no concept of consequences, because their lives up to that point consisted of being fed the BS that they are the "most special person". Combine that with the subjective predisposition and inherent penchant for jealousy that is the human condition, and you have the despicable set of values that foments this type of chaos.

    As for the bannings, restrictings, and other attempts at making the public feel safe... that's all it's doing. Making the public feel like something is being done to address their continued jaded sense of safety. Getting rid of violent videogames, won't do crap in fact on the contrary it might take away an outlet of violence, causing outbursts of violence to become more prominent when a person reaches their breaking point. Also how many parents bother to check the age appropriate label that is mandatory on each and every videogame for a long time now? I've been around 4 families in the last 2 months that have bought games for their children who are under 10 years old that have a MA rating (the games were god of war saga, GTA 4, Duke Nukem, and Dante's Inferno) upon asking the parents who are my friends why they would buy something so inappropriate for their kids, they responded with "well I didn't really know anything about it, & they wanted it, how am I supposed to say no?" (easily enough, by saying "NO!").

    Banning types of guns (pardon me while I shake my head and wonder at the intelligence of our elected officials, and how they were elected in the first place), ammunition sales (yea because possession of ammo is still completely legal and now gun enthusiasts have been warned by the NRA and other orginizations to stock up on handloading components and preloaded munitions) and invasive background checks (which I believe is the only necessity in our current societial state & this is just sad) do very little to keep weapons out of the hands of unstable people. Automatic weapons are not available to the common citizen (or civilian) yet there are a number of people who have automatic weapons in this country, how did they get them when said weapons are illegal? Civillians are also not allowed to own working artillery in this country, yet some high profile individuals see these laws as not applying to them and buy such pieces on the black market (where all illegal arms trading takes place). Nuclear proliferation is supposedly against the law according to the United Nations (there's an effective lawmaking body (sarcasm)) yet when the Soviet Union dissolved how many nukes were dismantled as they were supposed to be? How many were illegally sold to nations who's nuclear programs didn't even exist up to that point? Over the centuries and millenia the only thing that's changed about war and the taking of a life is human rights, and to a lesser degree game & wildlife management. The illegal arms trade will negate any and all laws aimed at taking weapons away from people who would "misuse" them, and even if it becomes more difficult to attain said weapons there's still the unscrupulous method of stealing the weapon from someone who should rightfully have it. So in the end the responsible people suffer due to the irresponsible and self-indulgant (as is always the case) and NOTHING is changed!

    We are a species that has developed more efficient ways of taking life over our 5000 year history, than any other advancement. Even our ability to cure disease and save life is incomparable to our ability & efficency to take it away. Maybe restriction which prompts people to toe that line is the wrong answer, and the education to respect that line is more correct. If videogames are being examined as a scapegoat for said violence, maybe one should examine the fact that the violent aspects of said videogames wouldn't be present if humanity wasn't inherently violent. I could go on and on about this but I have created a large enough wall of text...

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