Renegade Killerz ------- Now Recruiting!!!!!
Hi, I am the Yetti and I have a crew of 4 people at the moment for GTA Online, I really love online & want to expand my crew to have more members, more members = more chaos = more fun

Me and my crew members are very fun to play with and we all love running around wreaking havoc, doing random things etc.....We're more of a casual crew and do basically whatever We especially though like running around on servers killing random players we come into contact with lol

To join the crew you must be ;

You dont need a mic/headset but would be preferable
Be on PSN active enough to play
Good at shooting people driving towards you in a fighter jet.

If you meet these requirements then heres the link - Rockstar Games Social Club - Renegade Killerz
I haven't made a proper emblem yet as I have not had time but we will eventually.

If you have any Qs MSG me on PSN - TheYetti02