Is there any way to join a specific race type such as a GTA race, a rally race, an air race or a boat race?

I easily got the award for winning 50 races but almost all were standard land races. How should I be able to go for the air race and boat race award (25 wins necessary each) if they hardly show up? Also in my history of ~130 races I was only in two rally races, I really don't see how I should get the rally trophy this way.

Boosting with three players is not really an option, I prefer to get it the legit way and besides I know only one "real life" person that owns GTA 5 besides me. When I host races it usually takes several minutes until another person joins; by the time a second joins the first has usually already left again. That really sucks. Am I missing something, is there a way to join a certain type of race instead of just "join race" or is there no other way than playing 1000+ races to increase the number of rally races etc. I can participate in?

P.S.: I know it's possible to select a specific race and try to join one, but often in air and boat races there are no races going on and I'm just being thrown as a host in an empty session. Also this way I can't influence if it's a GTA or rally race or just a normal one.

Am I missing something?