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Global Domination

This is a discussion on Global Domination within the Grid 2 forum, part of the G; this trophy is really annoying me, i have won global for 3 weeks running, got the money for it just ...

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    Global Domination

    this trophy is really annoying me, i have won global for 3 weeks running, got the money for it just no trophy has this happened to anyone else please advise as im getting angry with it now

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    I got mine from being signed into the game as the event was ending, a few people on the site have had problems with it and this seemed to fix it.

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    The fix is when you go online before going into Global Domination just leave it on the menu for 5mins before clicking on it, that seems to work for people.

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    I managed to get this trophy the first week I started playing the game. On the thursday night I was second to my random rival so thought I'd have to do it the next week. When I logged on on the Friday it said I was first and received a lot of money and levelled up twice. But no trophy popped.

    I saw this little fix on another Playstation forum and it worked! Even though I was 2nd I still got the trophy. Not sure if my rival glitched or pulled out, don't know what happened but I was definitely 2nd. Follow these steps:

    1. Play through the game online normally make sure you are number 1 on the leader boards at the end of the week
    2. The night before or sometime before the clock over to next week copy your save to a USB stick.
    3. When the clock over happens go on grid online.
    4. When you get to grid online view the Rivals menu first.
    5. After you have viewed the Rivals menu exit out and access the global challenge menu.
    6. If you are first it should show it on the leader boards now and award you some money don't touch anything and wait on this screen for a few seconds.
    7. If the trophy doesn't pop exit tout to the XMB via the PS button the controller.
    8. Once at the XMB copy your save from your USB to your console overwriting your current save.
    9. Go back into grid and repeat steps 4-9 Until the trophy Pops.
    10. Enjoy this tedious trophy.

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