Sad too hear . I loved Hell Yeah and was hoping for a sequel (which could still be made if Sega buys the rights to the game).

Indie developer Arkedo Studio, which was recently responsible for Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, will no longer be making games. The news came straight from Creative Director Aurelien Regard, who stated that the studio isn't bankrupt or anything controversial like that -- it's simply done making games.
Regard pointed out Arkedo, the company, still exists, but that there are no more employees on board. No relationships were destroyed, and everyone involved with the dev left with their fair share of cash. Simply put, Arkedo is done as a development studio.
Arkedo released some pretty cool games during its seven years of being in business. Here's hoping we continue to see great stuff coming from each of the former staff members.
Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno was just released on iOS platforms, though Arkedo as a whole didn't have a lot to do with the mobile project as it was developed by another studio.
Hell Yeah developer Arkedo calls it a day | GameZone