me -109 e4 emil
me - 109g6 gustav
me - 109 g10 gustav
me - 109e4 ace
me 110 c4 zersterer
me 110 g10 schrage musik
fw 109 a-8 wurger
fw 109 f-8 jabo
fw 109 a-8 ace
me 262 a2 schwalbe
me 262 a2 ace
ju 87 b stuka
he 219 a-7/ r-1 uru
heinkel 111 h-10
do-17 2 - 10
ju-88 a
b-17g renegade

this is what I have a list of so my question are these
1. do kills carrier over form rookie - ace?
2. what levels are these planes on?

this is my last trophy for plat so please help me get it.