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YAKUZA trophy... info on obtaining

This is a discussion on YAKUZA trophy... info on obtaining within the House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut, The forum, part of the H; this is a very easy game to platinum. i've played this game for almost an hour and a half and ...

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    YAKUZA trophy... info on obtaining

    this is a very easy game to platinum.
    i've played this game for almost an hour and a half and already have 18 out of the 39 trophies excluding the platinum.
    i am currently working on the challenges and hardcore modes with friends but am wondering if its even worth it to put in so much effort into all the tough gold trophies when i can't obtain the platinum.

    can someone please inform on if i need to borrow a playstation move from a friend or if i can obtain this trophy using the sixaxxis.
    i have heard that i can't without a move but i'm hoping otherwise.

    if not that is the stupidest trophy ever put in a game because it forces people to either buy a move or go through hassle to borrow or rent one.

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    I’m not sure how you can say “this is a very easy game to platinum” just because you’ve earned more than half of the Trophies. If even one of the remaining Trophies is extremely difficult that would falsify your statement. Certainly you can point out that it’s an easy Trophy list so far, but it’s a bit premature to make statements based on the overall difficulty of the Trophies (i.e. the Platinum) before you’ve achieved it. Playlists for video guides with commentary for: Uncharted 3 Crushing Co-Op / Hotline Miami / Max Payne 3 / God Mode / plus much more.

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