Has anyone had this happen or know if there's a way to fix it (maybe contacting PSN support somehow)?

I had completed the high score challenge on JailHouse Judgement, and went to beat it in classic mode. Sure enough, the completed high score challenge popped up in yellow text as I started the level. But I died part-way through the level, and since the classic mode achievement requires no continues, I quit the game. For some reason, the previously completed high score challenge disappeared form my list of completed challenges. Probably a glitch because it popped up during the current game, a game I ultimate quit, so I'm guessing the game somehow "got confused" and attributed the completed challenge to the current game, and when I quit that game, it nullified the completed challenge. There should be a record of the completed challenge in the cloud, unless the cloud gets overwritten with this glitched information. Needless to say, I'm not dying to try to redo that challenge.