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Plat only possible with the move?

This is a discussion on Plat only possible with the move? within the House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut, The forum, part of the H; Using the Move I got Yakuza (Kill 100 mutants 'Gangster Style' (holding gun sideways)) without any issues in the first ...

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    Plat only possible with the move?

    Using the Move I got Yakuza (Kill 100 mutants 'Gangster Style' (holding gun sideways)) without any issues in the first level. Then I wondered whether it was possible to obtain this trophy using a sixaxis controller. I thought it should be possible, there is a sensor in this thing after all... but I wanted to make sure, so I started a new game on my alt accout.

    I managed to beat the first level holding my sixaxis controller sideways like a boss. According to the stats screen I killed 140 mutants but I didn't get a trophy! So unless I was doing something wrong it seems this trophy makes it impossible to plat this game without the move.

    I know that it's not the best choice to play a game like this without the move anyway, but I want to put that info into the guide for the sake of completeness. So if you are playing this game with a controller please let me know if you were able to obtain this trophy or not...

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    I just got it today from gamefly. I will start it in a few days and let you know what happens.
    I think you are right however. So from what I've seen without the move, I may just have to play this game for fun and not the platinum. Well maybe not I sold the move bundle to a friend so his lil girl could play eye pet. I may just get it back from him long enough to get the trophy. So maybe I can work around that issues.
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