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Is it just me?

This is a discussion on Is it just me? within the Injustice: Gods Among Us forum, part of the I; It seems every time there is a clash (forgot the name, but it's when you get to bet on who ...

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    Is it just me?

    It seems every time there is a clash (forgot the name, but it's when you get to bet on who will win) when the cpu decides to bet, it is because they know they're gonna win.
    I have not seen the cpu lose a clash when they bet.
    The times they lose, they don't bet anything.
    It's really annoying.
    It's just a flesh wound.

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    I HATE WAGERS you are right but you can start them.... sometimes they only bet to get your meter down, so DONT BET you dont have to. just keep you meter and let the cpu win then super his ass when its full.

    I have gone thru all 24 on classic battle and finished all the star labs (with 455 stars, so far) and wagers are a pain in the ass.
    You can avoid them in 2 ways. dont use meter burn moves and save it till the very end so you will always win or tie the wager OR just keep 1 hitting them (heavy attack) till they die as the cpu wont normally engage the wager unless its in a combo (in my expirence)

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