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Worst Online Multiplayer EVER

This is a discussion on Worst Online Multiplayer EVER within the James Bond 007: Blood Stone forum, part of the J; Over the years I've played a lot of online games, most of them were good or decent but the multiplayer ...

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    Worst Online Multiplayer EVER

    Over the years I've played a lot of online games, most of them were good or decent but the multiplayer for Blood Stone is by far the worst multiplayer I have ever played. First of all, there are only three different games and only 2 different rooms. Second it is unbelievably glitchy; whenever you get a medal a lot of the time, it never actually adds to the total medals you've collected. Just today, I've got at least one medal for each of the five remaining medals I've left to do but not once have they have been added, even turning my PS3 off and on again doesn't work and don't get me started on how long it took me to actually get Blood Stone Elite and I was with boosting that trophy the entire time I was getting the ten 00 mission medals. As a James Bond fan, I'm really dissapointed with Activision for what seems to be a complete lack of interest in the James Bond games. I just wish they just leave Call Of Duty alone for a moment (Yes I'm aware that it's their biggest franchise and also the franchise that rakes in the most money for them) and just actually make a decent multiplayer. I just hope that Goldeneye Reloaded's multiplayer is a whole lot better than this complete shite.
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