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A Second to a Duel (SPOILERS)

This is a discussion on A Second to a Duel (SPOILERS) within the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning forum, part of the K; So, doing my normal thing, I enter a new town and run around collecting every available mission I can, and ...

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    A Second to a Duel (SPOILERS)

    So, doing my normal thing, I enter a new town and run around collecting every available mission I can, and complete any of the quest points from them or from earlier quests as I'm running around. I just got to Rathir and did the same thing. I picked up a mission called "A Second to a Duel" and was asked to get an item from Gelphyne Nargyfier in The Lower Tunnels. However, upon entering the lower tunnels and trying to talk to her, instead of a dialogue window opening, the NPC shifts in place a bit like she's going to talk to me, but then continues ignoring me. But the game is acting like I've activated her (which I have) and won't let me adjust the camera, hit or move away. The audio continues, the NPC and my PC both continue to idle. The game just stops reacting. Has anyone else gotten to this point and had this issue? Am I screwed on this quest? I tried googling it and found the "Let's Play 40" that covers this quest, but the guy was on PC, ran up to her and it worked just fine for him. Not sure what to do now...
    Even rebooting my PS3 doesn't seem to affect it... x.x

    EDIT: Hm... okay... so, I thought I'd give it one last try, but with another test. I finished off my run through The Lower Tunnels, left the area and saved out in Rathir proper. Then turned and ran back in and tried talking to her. And it finally worked. So, not sure what happened, but forcing the game to reload the area rather than just reloading a save file fixed it. Closed.
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