Alrighty, may move this thread in time to a basic trophy glitch section if need by, but for mean time posting here as the game I first saw this happen in.. Actually the ONLY time I've ever had this happen and haven't seen anything about it on the net.

Issue was that I'm 100% positive I had one of the trophies, "Blades of Glory, so you know which one, got it near beginning of game almost.. and now mostly through the story and have done NUMEROUS side quests and alot of the other guild missions.. I happen to be fighting a Niskaru and it pops again.Know for sure I had before.

And again this happened with the bandit trophy... Except happened while I was fighting a boss for the Traveler's group. So I know I didn't kill a bandit and already had it too by this point. It was a one on one fight as well so hadn't killed him yet in case he was accidentally classified as a bandit.

Ofcourse more curious about what happened than anything as all my other trophies are still there and the only thing this did was change the time stamp to last night rather than few days ago. Be mad if this was a plat race, but it's not.

Curious if anyone else has had this happen in Kingdoms of Amalur yet.. or any other game for that matter.