Madden NFL 12 is another installment in the famed Madden NFL franchise. Showcasing new features and presentation that make the game feel like a breath of fresh air in the madden franchise. Based off of the reviews below, I will show you whether its worth a purchase before Madden 13 hits the shelves or is worthy of a wait for the next game.

Stat feature
New team run-outs

This years presentation is ABSOLUTELY fantastic. With new authentic team run-outs and stat presentation, EA Sports out-did themselves on this one. No joke, when I first played this game on my High Definition TV, I thought the lockout was over and the regular season began. New presentation features really are a big factor and help make this game even more realistic. People may dislike the new scoreboard, new run-outs, and new stat features, but overall this game is a great game to have if you like realistic as hell games. Their is no sports game that can look more real than this, Madden NFL 12.


In Madden NFL 12, the game modes are like any other madden. Superstar, franchise, ultimate team, and multiplayer (which i'll get to later). The games mode is highlighted by the many changes to franchise mode and ultimate team. In ultimate team, you can now trade with other players via PSN or XBL. In franchise, there are over 200 new features. Including Dynamic Player ratings, where a incomplete pass or a touchdown could build up or drop the QB's momentum for the game (same with every other player on the team), their is free agent bidding, where instead of getting multiple contracts and choosing in the offseason, teams bid on him and the more teams bid the higher the contract salary rises. If I listed the rest of the features, I would probably take up about a forums space.


This years online section feels brand new, with new online communities where you can create a "group" and set up your own default settings for match-ups. You can watch NFL news shows streaming TO your game console, basic online franchise, and the standard 1v1 or 3v3 team play match-ups. The biggest flaw in this years madden is the fact that you must have a online pass, which is good if you buy new copies of games, but bad if you buy used. If you buy used, you have a 7-DAY Free Trial to see if you like it or not, and if so you can purchase it from the XBL marketplace or Playstation Store for about $9.99. Otherwise, Madden 12's online is really fun besides those lag-switching newbies who have to lag you so they can win.

Presentation: 9/10

Modes: 8/10

Multiplayer/Online: 7/10

Overall: 77%

Final Comments

Madden NFL 12 is a great game for football-lovers, but not for soccer lovers or any other sport. This game mostly appeals to hardcore football fans, and if you are, this is a great purchase.