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On My Insanity Run, Is It Supposed to get Harder?

This is a discussion on On My Insanity Run, Is It Supposed to get Harder? within the Mass Effect 2 forum, part of the M; Hey guys, I finally got started on my Mass Effect 2 Insanity run, and I didn't import my character from ...

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    On My Insanity Run, Is It Supposed to get Harder?

    Hey guys, I finally got started on my Mass Effect 2 Insanity run, and I didn't import my character from my last save, because I wanted the enemies to be leveled with me, etc.

    Is it supposed to get harder?
    I just got the dossiers for my team, the first batch of them, so I'm not that far.
    I'm trying not to get cocky, but is it this easy for the rest of the game, or does it get harder?
    This is the first game I will ever be doing the hardest difficulty with, surprising isn't it?

    I've heard it goes like this:

    If you imported your Shepard - It will be harder at first, then easier in the end.
    If you started new - It will be easier, then harder in the end.
    Is that model true?

    At Freedom's Progress, when Veetor activates the giant mech, I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to do it, but I just took my time, moved cover-to-cover, and abused Adrenaline Rush, and I did it.

    So, does it get harder? How harder?
    Any tips I should know about, like good upgrades I should invest in?
    I already looked at the Trophy Guide, but want to see if there are any specific upgrades I should get.
    One last question. Can you skip out on getting team members? Or do you have to get all of them?
    I don't mind getting a sh*tty ending, already got the No Man Left Behind trophy.

    Thanks guys/gals!
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    Might be spoilers in my post, so if anyone who hasnt played the game be AWARE!

    Yeah its true, it does get alittle harder as the game goes on. But for the most part its pretty easy if you do a few tricks. (Corner Shooting)

    The only real hard parts are Scions and Husks (Collector Ship) and the Final Level where you have defend whoever is doing the Barrier.

    Theres 2 ways you can go about doing Insanity though, you can try and do everything to be powerful for the end, or if you wanna be cocky just go ahead and do the main missions only and have Shepard die at the end. You will still get the trophy at the end
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    If you started with a new character, it makes sense that it's relatively easy so far. It will surely get harder later, particularly when you recover the Reaper IFF.

    You can do the bare minimum and fly through if you want, only recruiting enough team members to advance the plot, and skipping all loyalty missions. I think my Insanity run was half as long as my No Man Left Behind run on Normal.

    My mind is stuck thinking in terms of Mass Effect 3...but for ME2 I think I used the Revenant and the Geth Plasma Rifle? The one that literally melts enemies down to ashes? Not sure I have that name quite right. Armor/Shields and Heavy Weapon upgrades will come in handy, as will a strong, accurate sniper rifle. Sorry I can't be more specific.

    Also, some checkpoints are based on you reaching a certain area, not necessarily killing everyone. There's no shame in sprinting through a group of annoying enemies and skipping mini-battles. May not be your thing though, it's not for everyone.

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    I imported my character and I am stuck :/ But it will supposedly get easier when I progress I am stuck on recruiting Mordin, when you have to fix the fans or something.

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    Only a few parts on my insanity run was hard. Overall i didn't find it that hard. I started with a new character and my main strategy was adrenalin rush and sniper rifle. Once you can get the headshot upgrade it makes it even easier.

    Like antonios said there is a speed run method were you can recruit just enough people to progress the story. The scions and husk are annoying but using the right strategy and they can be taken care of. For the most part I used Jacob and Miranda as my 2 squad mates that I took along.

    Good luck.

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    I did my Insanity run as a newbie Sentinel and it was seriously over-powered thanks to Tech Armor, Area Overload, Area Throw, Warp and Area Reave. I barely squeezed out a shot in anger during the entire playthrough - it was piss-easy and a shit-tonne of fun compared to the Soldier.

    The only hard-ish bits on Insanity are the Husk rushes at the end of Horizon, and the first platforms on the Collector Ship. Stick with Snipers like Garrus and Thane as squadmates - they deal out the most damage and stick to cover better than those using Shotguns & SMGs. Close-combat squaddies are suicidal maniacs too stupid to obey your cover flags and they barely contribute to weapons-based damage.

    Don't buy into the "Grunt is teh awes0me!" any short-ranged fighter he's a dead man walking and carries no useful biotic or tech powers. The same applies to Miranda - her squad bonus is weak compared to her survivability. Her powers are useful but she contributes nothing to weapons damage and more often than not winds up dead after charging out of cover.

    For any class I highly recommend taking only Garrus and Thane - Garrus for AP Squad Ammo (do his Loyalty mission early) Overload & Concussion Shot, Thane for Warp and Area Throw. Combined they provide the most battlefield range, cover all forms of defense and toss around Husks and flankers. Arm them both with Incisors - it's bugged and doesn't have reduced damage output on Insanity. Give Thane +50% weapon damage (class skill) and ignore Shredder Ammo.

    Take Area Reave as your bonus power to ease pressure on your ammo supplies, do double-damage vs Barriers / Armor, for crowd-control, stun-locking, health-leeching and setting up headshots for you and your squad. No other bonus power has the utility of Reave.

    On the Collector Ship pick up either the Widow sniper rifle or the Revenant SMG. On my Soldier play-through I used the Mattock AR instead of the Revenant and grabbed the Widow to take care of heavily-armoured YMIRs, Scions, Harbinger, Praetorians etc.

    For the Reaper IFF mission, as a Sentinel I took Samara and Thane for 2 x Area Reave to strip Husk armor in bulk and 3 x Area Throw to insta-kill Husks. If using a Soldier, you'll lose 1 x Area Throw but have access to Squad Incendiary Ammo to make things easier.

    There are no Shielded enemies on Collector missions and none at all from the Reaper IFF onwards, so re-spec your skills at that point of the game. Get rid of Disruptor Ammo and Garrus' Overload and put the points somewhere more useful. You'll need to do the Shadow Broker DLC to re-spec squad mate skills.

    Don't waste Credits on weapon upgrades you don't use at all (Hand Guns) or rarely use (Shotguns). Focus on Sniper Rifles for Garrus / Thane and on your primary weapon (assuming it's AR or SMG), Heavy Skin Weaves (50% dmg reduction) and Shield upgrades. As a Sentinel, I went after both Biotic and Tech boosts as a priority.

    Don't waste medi-gels on downed squad mates if you can survive a battle. YMIRs, Scions and especially Praetorians are easier to kite solo. Husks pose the only flanking risk in the game, so save your medi-gels for Collector missions. Throw and Concussion Shot will be handy against flankers.

    The CAIN heavy weapon is your friend at the end of Reaper IFF and also makes it easier to take down the Shadow Broker and the Human / Reaper embryo. I can't recall any other time you need a heavy weapon, Tali's recruitment mission vs Geth can easily be done without it.

    Search Google for "mass effect 2 insanity speed run guide"...or just go to .org and read their article. You can forego all but a handful of recruitment missions & short assignments, kill all squaddies on the final mission, die at the end of the game and still snag the trophy.
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    For me, it became easier. Once you have access to your better abilities and upgrades, even though the enemies scale to your level, they won't be able to keep up with your exponential growth.

    If you can get through horizon without much trouble, the rest of the game shouldn't be hard provided you go into each fight prepared with the right squad mates.

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    I imported my character from my Normal playthrough and kept on getting my ass kicked on Insanity. I actually stopped playing ME2 for about a year 'cos of it. Then I went back and thought I'd start fresh, best idea ever. I just recruited everybody and got some upgrades.
    Like everyone else said, watch out for Husks and any other major enemy (Harbinger).

    It seems easy but there will be some frustrating bits... Getting stun locked by Husks will push your patience, trust me.

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    I did like some others here pointed out. I did one playthrough, and went into NG+ on Insanity. I found it difficult so I started a fresh game on Insanity, and it was much more manageable IMO.

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