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The Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread

This is a discussion on The Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread within the Mass Effect 3 forum, part of the M; I went with moderate everything was pretty straight forward and Insanity was only a pain in about 3 areas. Had ...

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    I went with moderate everything was pretty straight forward and Insanity was only a pain in about 3 areas. Had it not been for insanity I would of given it an easy
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    3 Moderate or 5/10 I felt insanity was a little harder than ME2, early on in the game was a little rough as your not fully powered up plus I died mostly to those grenades which was annoying. A few tough parts here and there but overall it's not that hard plus even the one MP trophy is actually fun to do and can get other trophies done easier on MP. I wouldn't call this one easy but definitely not a hard plat.
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    Moderate. I found my first playthrough on normal challenging than my insanity run. A level 41 imported soldier with adrenalin rush, equipped with level 10 Geth pulse rifle and incendiary ammo, I was chewing through cannibals, assault troopers and brutes.

    I figure it would have been even easier playing as an adept.

    PS: I hate Banshees.

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    I voted easy because there were only a few parts that I died more than once. Overall the game is much easier on Insanity than ME2.
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    It was a mainly due to several factors, such as the annoying Banshees that kept teleporting over to where I was and grabbing me before I could get away. Marauder Shields and few places with poorly placed cover had me repeating to the point where I exited and went on a different playthrough on easy to figure out how the hell I got through it so easily on Normal. Although it might be a factor since I used Adept/Vanguard mostly, I rarely, if not use either Soldier or Engineer while Infiltrator was collecting dust. It would have been pushed to hard but loading ME2 save made it easier. I wonder if it was just me but apparently 3/4 of the time an Banshee comes on the field, it always comes after me before I have a chance to even exit cover. Curse my luck.

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    Tempted to say very easy but simply due to the complexity of this game I won't and then there's the Kai Leng fight which was a minor nuisance. Anyway, Black Widow V and maxed out Stealth just own everything. Killed the six brutes in the final mission on Insanity in about 20 seconds. Compared to ME2 it was so easy it became even boring. Maybe I should have chosen a different class.

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