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Hello, im a "starting up" trophy hunter

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    Hello, im a "starting up" trophy hunter

    Hello world, my psn is elinas2, im from greece but i couldnt find my timezone so i chose australian lol. Im starting to be intrested in trophies and want to start getting platinums. I currently have around 100 bronze trophies and 12 silver trophies. Currently 0 gold trophies and 0 platinum but i want to believe this number will increase by time to time. My favourite video game franchise is tekken, and im currently aiming for the platinum in: gta v and tekken tag tournament 2. Im a pretty friendly guy overall and try to play most of the games i play fairly. I got my ps3 in 2015 (12 gb with gta v, i didnt notice that at the time so i kinda got scammed, but i got a 500 GB Hard Disc so its ok) and my "favourite trophy" lets say is "kifflom!" on gta v. It took me 6 hours to get because of fails but, you know, was worth it for a silver to a guy that has no platinums or golds. You can add me on psn and i can help you in multiplayer achievements incase i have your game or just play for the fun of it. So, to sum it all up, im going to be buying terminator salvation to boost my stuff up and then continiue with actual challanges. Have a nice day!

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