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Whats the 1 thing that bothers you? There has to be 1.

This is a discussion on Whats the 1 thing that bothers you? There has to be 1. within the Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch forum, part of the N; Mine is by far the dialog. Masterful game though....

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    Whats the 1 thing that bothers you? There has to be 1.

    Mine is by far the dialog. Masterful game though.

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    The regenerating enemies can be a pain when back tracking areas. And also the condescending demeanor the game has when it comes to figuring out which spells to use at specific times. So far the descriptions for each spell are good enough telling you what they can do. So to come upon one of these obstacles and having Drippy telling me which spell I should use and generally talking to me like I'm a f*cking idiot is lame.

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    I absolutely adore this game but if I had to complain about something it would be...
    When I get buffed by Esther I come to a COMPLETE STOP, no matter if a large angry and very strong monster is coming towards me.

    The other would have to be using provisions, like the phoenix feather, not only does it take forever to finally revive someone I am a sitting duck until the animation completes, then and only then am I able to do something like defend since at that time the boss is casting a massive spell and I get hit full on. And speaking of spells, if I also cast a spell like say the strong light spell (just for spoiler reasons) and another enemy casts a spell a majority of the time even though I am done with my animation theirs will override mine. Same goes for items. If those were tweaked it would be perfect but I have been KO'd plenty of times because of those.

    Still love the game no doubt about it.

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