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Favorite WII U games

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    Favorite WII U games


    I decided to make a thread to ask people's favorite WII U game by year and biggest disappointment game by year seeing that the WII U's life cycle is dwindling down.


    2012 Epic Mickey 2
    2013 LEGO City Undercover
    2014 NES REMIX Pack
    2015 Super Mario Maker
    2016 My WII U has been in it's box for 90% of the year
    2017 ?


    2012 Batman Arkham City
    2013 Pikmin 3
    2014 Sonic Boom Rise of the Lyric
    2015 Mario Party 10
    2016 No games worthy to keep my WII U out
    2017 ?

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    I didn't even realize the Wii U has been out that long lol. Thought it released in 2013 for some reason. I got one in 2014 and absolutely love the new Smash and Hyrule Warriors. Good part of 2015 was taken up playing through Xenoblade Chronicles X which is probably my favorite on the system overall. This year I've played a mix of those 3 still thanks to DLC and the amount of content on them but mostly been on PS3/PS4/3DS. I still need to pick up Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Maker, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, and Star Fox Zero (maybe). Pretty sure I'll pick up the new Zelda on Wii U next year too because I don't feel like getting another system that soon. Never had any disappointments on the system other than Mario Party 10 and Pikmin 3 which have still been kind of fun in multiplayer modes for the short time I play them. Surprised to see Arkham City as one of your disappointments, granted I played that game on PS3 but doubt it's much different and that game is great.

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    sad that its been out for this long and it only has a few real good games, my personal favorites super Mario WiiU, Mario kart 8, Yoshi wolly world, other then that there wasn't anything really great about this system with the damn tablet that doesn't really help the system all that much, mainly used the system for homebrew through the vWii mode so in that respect I played it a ton since I could play my retro game systems like nes, snes, genesis/megadrive, and gba titles, sad that they have stopped making this system for there new system the nx whoops I mean the switch, nothing was wrong with calling it the nx, altho from what ive read the new system is going to be less specks then the Wii U and its 1080p/60fps which on later titles that fell through star fox zero comes to mind on that, wonder how the new Zelda title will play which I really hope its not like twilight princess which was designed for the gamecube then mod for the wii and now sadly got an HD remake on the WiiU and fixed a few tiny bugs and added a fresh coat of paint for lack of better words. still play my ps3 more over the ps3.5 cept for when I sat down and played ff15 and that game sadly would of worked just fine on the ps3 but newer systems out force companies to plug there games into the newer systems even if they don't take full advantage of the specs, done with my rant there and lets hope that there might be a game or 2 left to make people remember that the wii u was a game system between the Wii and the lets be honest a Wii U light

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