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This game is on sale for NA PS+

This is a discussion on This game is on sale for NA PS+ within the One Piece: Pirate Warriors forum, part of the O; 20 dollar price drop. Hot damn I may pick this one up. Please leave comments on wheither this game is ...

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    This game is on sale for NA PS+

    20 dollar price drop. Hot damn I may pick this one up. Please leave comments on wheither this game is super fun and worth getting.

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    This game is indeed worth buying if you watch and love One Piece. The game has included most of the arcs from the original story, but lacks two major arcs like Skypea and Thriller Bark, so keep that in mind if you're were buying the game just to beat Moria or Eneru's ass like it was in the manga\anime of One Piece.

    I personally like it, it has the Dynasty Warrior style of combat system combined with QTE in scenes. Of course you might get tired of all the button smashing, but nonetheless it's a real fun to play the game. The graphic is great and the variety of attacks and characters are really sweet, and they added most of the moves we've seen from One Piece.

    Even though the game has some good aspects, it also have some bad aspects. The multiplayer is OK, but playing with another friend on the same PS3 can be a tad annoying. A part of the game is going around a map where there's territories you have to take over or kill some "Leaders" or Bosses that might pop up here and there, and the problem is that the map is kinda small and really hard to navigate through the map with a small size as it appears on the screen. But if you're playing online local or against someone within your region, it's really fun.

    Well if you're going for a platinum on this game, you might have to wait a little longer. Due to a bug in the skill section of the game, a certain skill is unavailable to get due to a mess up by Namco when they released the game. The game has been patched for NA so far as I know and EU is still waiting patiently in these dire moments.

    Oh and be ready for some grinding a good share of hours to get all the damn coins to use to get those "skills"... My hand hurts.

    Tldr: If you love One Piece, buy it.

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