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This yukiko shadow boss is annoying

This is a discussion on This yukiko shadow boss is annoying within the Persona 4 Golden forum, part of the P; (protip: I am not good at JRPGS and i rarely play them. I hate Turn-based Stat-Vital games but Persona 4 ...

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    This yukiko shadow boss is annoying

    (protip: I am not good at JRPGS and i rarely play them. I hate Turn-based Stat-Vital games but Persona 4 is a exception because of how the story is and having a Earthbound-Status of Acclaim (Not to mention 4chan has a nightly "Japanese Scooby doo" thread where 4chan controls what happens in-game). I bought golden and it is my first time playing it.)

    Seriously who the hell designed this fucking boss bitch.

    her main weakness ice can be easily shielded by her stupid ice shield thing. She has massive loads of HP compared to everything before it.

    i could easily get her down quickly but then she summons this fucking prince guy and he literally destroys my entire group with his stupid fear/sleep Stun bullshit while draining my entire money supply for buying potions/revives/etc.

    I read up on it and apparently everyone just says abuse the ice weakness, but i exactly can't do that when she has her stupid ice shield up. everyone apparently also says she's the hardest boss and everything else is just easy (who the fuck designed the difficulty to have the hardest boss first)

    I feel like a retarded idiot simply because i can't get past this fucker. The Time Limit bullshit doesn't really help when i fear that any day the fog will just appear and go "haha fuck you"

    I hate grinding but do i really have to resort to that or is there some obvious tactic im not abusing.
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    I didnt have any problems with her really.

    I used a fusion of Slime and Ukobach with Angel to make an Archangel with resist fire and pysical. Also having him learn media and red wall is helpful as well. I tried abusing the ice weakness but that didnt work for me at all. Also using certain rings help dodge stat effects from prince charming. He leaves after he loses half of his life. After he leaves be prepared to guard as some of her attacks hit pretty hard.

    Im playing on normal mode so I hope this helps a little, Im not sure what level and personas you are using. I was around level 13 when I beat her.

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    What difficulty are you playing on and what is the in-game date?

    I beat her on normal at level 11, other than having my party members on direct-command, guarding with Chie, and using health potions I didn't do anything special.

    The grinding in this game is actually very little compared to other games, but you'll have to do some in order to get to the right level for the bosses and exp earned goes down the higher the difficulty.

    I believe the last day to save Yukiko is 4/29 so if you can't beat her currently do some grinding and visit the vendors to stock up then come back another day before then. If you fail to rescue someone and the game ends it'll just ask you to reload a save (which isn't too bad if you save often) or go back a week in-game.

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    Do you have any characters at that point of the game that have Ice Break? That would easily surpass her ability to resist your attacks. Stock up a bit on the ice damage consumables from the Shiroki store (so you don't run out of SP mid-battle) and you should be set. I think that's how I defeated her, but it's been awhile.

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