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PS All-Stars Battle Royale Beta

This is a discussion on PS All-Stars Battle Royale Beta within the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale forum, part of the P; I got it for the Vita, and it's a lot of fun! But man is Radec overpowered, for once PS360 ...

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    I got it for the Vita, and it's a lot of fun!

    But man is Radec overpowered, for once PS360 I agree with you.

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    I am loving the beta, Sly and Sweet Tooth are my favorites so far. I'm currently trying Radec, and while I always try to vary my moves, I can see why they have to fix his sniper. I find his grenades to be really useful myself. All the spammers online have different plans...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ps360 View Post
    This easy 3 Step tutorial shall show you how to become the ultimate all star in this AAA Exclusive

    Step 1:

    ALWAYS PICK RADEC, This is super essential because the game is very balanced

    Step 2:

    It doesn't matter what happens on the battlefield, always get away from the fights and spam + or + . NO FUCKING EXCEPTIONS., Once you reach level 1 super, shoot it at a player.

    Step 3:

    Congrats, You have proven this game is a unbalanced piece of shit.

    Now go out there and Enjoy Radec All-Star Sniping-asshole royale!
    I agree with Radec being OP where even n00bs can win big however

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    Yeah, I agree with what everyone is saying about Raden. Dammit, I hate fighting those guys. As well as Kratos. However once you realize all Radec players do is spam that attack, if you decide to chase them they realize they were too stupid to think of a way to adapt to it and they become easy prey. I've won quite a bit from just hunting jackass Radec players. I swear, I think I'm the ONLY Fat Princess player in the freaking beta.

    I really hope something is done about this as soon as possible because I'm having fun with this game and this would really kill it.
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