TOV Master
Proof of absolute mastery of TOV. Thank you for playing so much!

First Combination
Let’s make new weapons using composition!

Landed First Fatal Strike
All or nothing! One hit kill! If you master this the battles become easy!

Defeated First Giganton Monster
The special monster “Giganton” is different from other monsters . There are still many of them out there, so go to challenge them!

Achieved a Combo of 150
Combo, combo and combo! An uninterrupted combo is an art! But do not be satisfied with this, aim for a higher one.

Over 100 Play Hours
If you think about it, it amounts to four straight days! When does this adventure end? It is up to you.

Total Travel Distance: 50,000 KM
Turn around and look how far you have come! If you convert it to a full marathon, it amounts to 1185 times!

Crushed 1000 Enemies
Fight, fight and continue to fight… The amount of battles exceeds even the Devil Hunter’s Sword. It is an impressive feat, but don’t become a scary guy.

Over 100,000 chips
You can brag about your gambling skills. However do not forget your real purpose.

All Quiz Questions Right
You made the best of a once-only chance! Likely a maniac Tales PhD.

10,000 Guards Saved
An income inconceivable to a regular citizen. But there are many ways to use that money! Try giving some to charity.

Mastered all the Skit
Proof that you saw all the Skits. Can you see some surprising expressions of the characters!?

Character achieved level 200
Proof of becoming the strongest. To surpass this limit, you can only use herbs. How far will you go?

The Memory Technique
Go around all the Memory Technique Systems (save points). Likely a maniac’s venture.

Performed 20 Combinations
Combine, combine and combine again… Can you remember the recipes by heart? !

Low Level Challenger
Defeated the Boss Val under level 15! This is impressive. One can say this is a battle for those who know how to fight.

Speed Gamer
Game Clear in less than 15 hours! An incredible speed. A heavenly runner! But next time take it easy. There probably are many things you have not seen.

Bunny Guild Member
Wear Bunny Ears and play for five hours with Yuri, Esther, Rita and Judis. You will become a member of the Bunny Guild before you know it!

Beat course 1 of Border Rapids mini-game in less than 40 seconds! This is fast! Too Fast! If you can do this, you can surely challenge that ghost!

Secret Mission 1
In the battle of Zagi, you defeated Zagi without letting Esterize get too hurt.

Secret Mission 2
In the battle of Goraias, you brought down X Basta by attacking the weak spot in his middle body.

Secret Mission 3
In the battle of Gattouzo, you brought down your enemy by using the “Bibariha” flower and making him faint.

Secret Mission 4
In the second battle of Zagi, you blew away your enemy onto the ocean from the ship.

Secret Mission 5
In the frightening Giant battle, you timed your movement to jump in just as the enemy lifted its foot, striking and reversing the battle for your win.

Secret Mission 6
In the battle of Gigalarva, you used Reivun’s special move “mole transformation” to stop your enemy’s regeneration.

Secret Mission 7
In the Val Boss battle, you broke the bridge and made it impossible to call reinforcements.

Secret Mission 8
In the Cursed Bone Wandering Warrior Battle, you brought down your opponent by attacking whilst he recharged his weapon.

Secret Mission 9
In the third battle of Zagi, you made your enemy’s arm magic container explode by letting him absorb too much magic.

Secret Mission 10
In the battle of Puteropus, when the troops separate, you prevented them from re-uniting by defeating the Leader Bat.

Secret Mission 11
In the Outbreak battle, you interrupted the enemy’s “day and night reversal” magic by destroying the core while he was preparing it.

Secret Mission 12
In the battle of Belius, you lit all the candles and erased all the clones.

Secret Mission 13
In the Tyson & Nun battle, you timed your attack to match the opening before each enemy’s special attack, bringing them both down.

Secret Mission 14
In the Shuvaan battle, you brought down your enemy by attacking during the opening when he holds his heart after performing his “Secret Invocation” move.

Secret Mission 15
In the fourth Zagi battle, when the enemy became poisoned out of its own will, you forced it to recover by using the special skill “Heart Life Recovery Stamp”

Secret Mission 16
In the battle of Baitojou, you let your enemy’s “Ice Blade of Running Light” hit 3 times to make it drag on the ice.

Secret Mission 17
In the Yuri vs. Esterize battle, you used the item “Mother’s memento”.

Secret Mission 18
In the battle of Eigaa, after the enemy performs a Guard Break, he will stop protecting his heart with one hand for a short while. You used this opportunity to attack the enemy’s heart using Reivun’s special “Drizzle” skill.

Secret Mission 19
In the battle of Alexsei, you downed your enemy by targeting the opportunity that arises after it has performed its move “Secret Invocation”.

Secret Mission 20
In the second Cursed Bone Wandering Warrior battle, you used the item “Beautiful star”

Secret Mission 21
In the second Gushios battle, you first cornered your enemy by attacking its tail, and then you timed your movement to jump in just as the enemy lifted its foot, striking and reversing the battle for your win

Secret Mission 22
In the battle of Crome, you brought him down by timing your attack to strike just during the window of opportunity opened by the enemy’s special attack and won

Secret Mission 23
In the battle of Fren, Fren used all it’s skills, including the “Secret Invocation”.

Secret Mission 24
In the fifth battle of Zagi, you brought down your enemy by attacking during the opportunity given when the enemy repeats its “Cursed Body Magic” move.

Secret Mission 25
In the second battle of Duke, you defeated Duke by using the “Secret Mysteries” attack.

Title Completed
From strange to cool… Open your heart and call yourself by your true title.

Giganton Hunter
You Defeated all the Giganton Monsters. This is the recognition for a Heroic player. You think there is nothing you can’t defeat? Not so fast, the world is a big place.

Completed World Map
Proof that you ventured to the end of the world. You will surely find your one and only Precious!?

Completed the Monster Album
One of the most difficult trophies to get. You are the Monster Master! With this book you can track the weak spots but… by the time you get it, you don’t need it anymore!?

Completed the Collector’s Album
One of the most difficult trophies to get. You are the Item Master! Eh? There is someone who needs this picture book… Would you lend it for just one night?

Conquest of the Lost Memory Road
Cleared the special dungeon “Lost Memory Road”. What did you think of that entrance?

Conquest of Gazing Mirror Graveyard
Cleared the special Dungeon “Gazing Mirror Graveyard” . You have crushed this game’s strongest enemy! Next time try it with 2 members.

Recovered the Demon Nucleus of Aqueduct’s Magic Container
You recovered the Demon Nuclues of Aqueduct’s Magic Container from the Bal Boss. With this, downtown’s water fountain should be fixed.

Ended Alexei’s ambition
You stopped Alexei’s world domination. However the Star Seer… The fight seems to continue on.

Crushed the Star Seer
Together with the Duke, you crushed the threat to the world, the Star Seer! Towards a world that does not rely on Demon Vessels, towards a new world.