Corona Obsidionalis
Earn all available Trophies for Section 8

Over Achiever
Complete the campaign on hard difficulty

For the Swarm
Win a game of Swarm on Hard difficulty on all maps

Mission Accomplished
Complete the campaign on any difficulty

Badge Expert
Earn each badge in ranked matches

Feat Expert
Earn each feat in ranked matches

Top Brass
Reach level 50 in ranked matches

Rising Star
Reach level 25 in ranked matches

Boom Goes the Dynamite
Kill 3 players at once with explosions

Blades 'n 'Nades
Kill 5 players in a row with only Grenades and Knives in a ranked match

Capture 2 Control Points within 3 minutes in a ranked match

Plow the Road
Perform 5 kills in a round using overdrive

Swarming Behavior
Win a game of Super Swarm on all maps

With All Due Haste
Capture the Missile Silo on 'Nuclear Dawn' in nder 8 minutes on hard difficulty

Lightning Assult
Capture the Munitions Facility in Blackstone Marsh within 4 minutes of hacking the Heavy

To the Delphi Main
Complete the first half of the campaign on any difficulty

First Drop
Complete the first half of the campaign on any difficulty

You're Doing It Right
Finish in first place on the winning team in a ranked match

Badge Collector
Earn 5 unique badges in ranked matches

Feat Collector
Earn 5 unique feats in ranked matches

Reach level 5 in ranked matches

Instant Gratification
Win an instant action game

Plays Well with Others
Win a ranked match

Bane of the Immobile
Destroy 30 turrets

Blood Lust
Kill 100 players in ranked matches

Test Drive
Get a kill with every vehicle weapon

Excessive Celebration
Perform a fatality with the Heavy Armor

Kill a player by crushing them with a Tank

This Is My Rifle
Kill 30 players with an Assault Rifle

Ain't Got Time to Bleed
Kill 30 players with a Machine Gun

Feeling Lucky?
Kill 30 ploayers with a Pistol

Kill 30 players with a Shotgun

It's a Legitimate Strategy
Kill 30 players with a Sniper rifle

Repo Man
Destroy 30 vehicles

Improvised Orbital Cannon
Kill an enemy player by dropping a deployable on them

Silent but Deadly
Deploy a sensor array within 50m of enemy CP

Drop It Like It's Hot
Kill someone by dropping on them

Goal Oriented
Participate in all DCMs in the game successfully

Cutting to the Chase
Win a ranked match in under 14 minutes

Particpate in a successful DCM

Swatting at Flies
Destroy a non-friendly repair drone

Recession Proof
Purchase one of every vehicle and deployable

Passive Aggressive
Customize passive modules for one loadout in game

Shop 'til You Drop
Change loadouts 3 times

Destroy 10 Sensor Arrays or Micro Sensors in ranked matches

Invite 10 players into your squad (and have them accept) in multiplayer

Mr. Fixit
Get 100 Repairs

Revenge of the Falling
Drop kill an enemy Anti-Air Turret

Army of One
Win a complete game of One Man Army

Insanity Defense
Win a complete game of Super Swarm on Insane difficulty

Immortal Sovereign
Win a complete game of Swarm without dying