Corecell Technology, the developer behind the popular PSN game Crazy Strike Bowling, is bringing their Wii arcade shooter Wicked Monsters BLAST! to the PlayStation Store later this month. Featuring full Move support, you can chose out of eight characters - including a Bull wielding nunchucks, or a Panda with a Katana - and embark on a quest to change the world by being friendly to the environment. Wicked Monsters BLAST! features 6 different gameplay modes, as well as 15 mini-games.


First Shot
Shoot any area in Arcade mode.

Don't miss a shot in one minigame of Arcade mode.

Machine Gun
Get a score of 100 or more in Arcade mode.

Meet and Greet
Play with 4 players simultaneously.

Gotcha Belt
Clear any character in Arcade mode.

Here comes the new challenger
Unlock 1 new character.

I will survive
Unlock Survival mode.

Shoot the Black Cat in gameplay.

Let's Play Together
Unlock all characters.

Never Die
Clear 30 challenges.

Meet the Staff
Watch the credits from the options menu.

Gold Finger
Clear any game within 5 count.