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Runner2 Trophy List

This is a discussion on Runner2 Trophy List within the PlayStation & Trophy News forum, part of the Headquarters; Runner2 , the game that comes to you from developer Gaijin Games just had its trophy list released. Runner2 features ...

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    Runner2 Trophy List

    Runner2, the game that comes to you from developer Gaijin Games just had its trophy list released. Runner2 features a vast array of worlds and about 125 levels for you to play. The main goal of the game is to hunt down the evil Timbletot and finish him off once you get to him. You will have to do whatever you can to stop him. Runner2 released for the PS3 on March 5, 2013 for $14.99 and will be releasing for the Vita in Summer 2013.


    Jogging Along
    Complete 30 Rewards

    Running Steady
    Complete 60 Rewards

    You are AWESOME
    Complete all 90 Rewards

    Cloud King
    Complete World 1

    Water Strider
    Complete World 2

    Super Tree Hugger
    Complete World 3

    Feel the Burn
    Complete World 4

    Future Legend
    Complete World 5

    Beat All Levels on Hard

    Dancing Fool
    Dance 100 Times

    Get One Perfect Run in Each Level

    Perfect Perfectionist
    Get a Triple Perfect in Every Level

    Who Dat!?
    Unlock a New Character

    Better Than Perfect
    Get One Perfect in Each World

    Double Perfectionist
    Get Two Double Perfects in Each World

    Triple Perfectionist
    Get Three Triple Perfects in Each World
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    No platinum, so I'll just pick this up on steam when it inevitably goes cheap by the summer sale.

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    This game is over priced. I'll wait for a sale of under 5.

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