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PlayStation All-Stars Patch 1.09 Hitting Tuesday

This is a discussion on PlayStation All-Stars Patch 1.09 Hitting Tuesday within the PlayStation & Trophy News forum, part of the Headquarters; SuperBot Entertainment has released the patch notes for the upcoming 1.09 patch that going to be released on March 19th. ...

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    PlayStation All-Stars Patch 1.09 Hitting Tuesday

    SuperBot Entertainment has released the patch notes for the upcoming 1.09 patch that going to be released on March 19th. The patch is a large balancing of multiple character which you can read in full detail below.

    General Combat Changes:

    • Characters can not Block or Evade until frame 5 after landing during an air attack; Previously they were able to do so on the first frame if landing during air attacks
    • Characters have been standardized to not be able to Super until frame 12 after landing during an air attack
    • While blocking a hit while already in Block Hit reaction, character’s X velocity no longer gets set to zero


    • Last hit of Square Combo is now increased from 0 to -10 on block.
    • Reduced blocked frame disadvantage on 2nd neutral square to -10 from -14.
    • Neutral Triangle – In certain situations, this move could previously gain up to 40 AP. It should now only gain 20 AP in all situations.


    • Air Up Square – Increased start-up by 2 frames; Gravity turns back on later in the attack reducing instant short hop spam
    • Air Down Triangle – Causes Heavy Slam Down reaction when victim is grabbed from the air (or if not on ground)
    • Air Up Circle on land will complete entire animation instead of prematurely truncating it
    • Level 2 Super cost decreased to 325 (previously 350)
    • Level 2 Super – Fire limit has been removed and rate of fire has been decreased. Turning the cannon around will knock any nearby opponent away
    • Level 3 Super – Ends Super during circle move if the timer is done
    • Fixed a bug where Narioko’s level 3 Super would not end if Nariko held block


    • Stand Forward Square does not push the victim as far away, allowing Parappa to follow up with more attacks
    • Stand Down Square chain into Stand Forward Square has been be removed to allow easier input into the Stand Up Square combo
    • Level 2 Super – Skateboard time shortened to 4 seconds (previously 5 seconds)
    • Down Circle Boxy will not repeatedly eject AP when dropped inside a ledge


    • Up Circle active frames increased by 30 (Upped from 40 to 70 frames)


    • Ratchet is now considered on the ground for the first 10 frames of jumping (previously 9)
    • Neutral Circle (Mr. Zurkon) now shoots 15 shots (previously 17) and each shot is worth 2 AP (previously 1 AP)
    • Down Circle (Tesla Spike) has 6 AP of durability (previously 1)
    • Removed hit volumes on Ratchet’s throw victims
    • Shrunk Level 1 Super’s physics collision hitboxes on projectiles by 90% to make kills when firing up ramps work better
    • Level 2 Clank can now be hit by Raiden’s Level 2 initial burst hit and Jak’s level 2 initial shock hit.


    • Air Down Triangle, Air Forward Circle and Air Forward Triangle are all more punishable on block
    • Down Throw now causes a bounce reaction, allowing combo follow-ups
    • Level 1 Super – Removed stick velocity during the Super and increased recovery by 8 frames
    • Level 2 Super – Air Square and Air Triangle attacks are no longer block-able

    Raiden Level 3 Super

    • Game camera will now follow boxes controlled by NPCs (previously the camera only followed boxes controlled by players)
    • Fixed bug where NPC Boxes would not disappear
    • Air Up Circle move (during Super 3) will not puppet the Box or victim


    • Neutral Triangle (Jam Session) has start-up reduced to 40 frames (previously 57)
    • Forward Triangle – You can now roll and jump cancel during the charge portion of this attack; This move’s frame advantage has also been increased +5 on hit— Sackboy now considered on the ground for the first 10 frames of jumping (previously 9)
    • Down Square (Bounce Pad) now goes away after 0.3 seconds (previously, the Bounce Pad would stay out as long as the button was held down), in line with the behavior of the air version
    • Stand and Air Down Circle (Electric Panel) has 16 more frames of start-up; If Sackboy is hit before frame 16 it prevents the panel from coming out; Breakout on this move has been removed
    • Down Circle Electric Panel can now be absorbed and reflected
    • Neutral Circle (Cake Mine) will disappear after 5 seconds
    • Level 1 Super cost reduced to 125 (previously 150)
    • Level 2 Super cost reduced to 325 (previously 400)
    • Level 3 Super victim bubbles are able to move 50% faster

    Sir Daniel

    • Sir Dan Level 1 Super’s active hit frames increased by 8; Recovery on this Super has been reduced by 4 frames
    • Level 2 Super – The Homing Spirits now have delayed activation; They will now not blow up on opponents as they leave the Chalice; This improves the consistency of the Super and improves the chance that there will be one Homing Spirit per opponent
    • Level 2 Super cost reduced to 325 (previously 350)
    • Down Throw – Sir Daniel will no longer end up on the wrong side of the victim after this throw

    Sly Cooper

    • Sly Cooper is now considered on the ground for the first 10 frames of jumping (previously 9)
    • Neutral Circle (Counter) is now only active for 15 frames (previously 26) and has 25 frames of ground recovery (previously 11)
    • Level 1 Super – Super is cancelled if Sly is hit during start up; Vulnerable from frames 5 until the first frame of Murray’s hit volume
    • Level 1 Super – The hit volume that appears when Murray splats onto the ground has been made smaller


    • Spike now considered on the ground for the first 10 frames of jumping (previously 9)
    • Forward Square changed from an Eject Tornado to a Butt Drop reaction if it is not fully charged
    • Air Down Triangle now gains 5 AP (previously 10 AP), does Shock Rumble reaction, has correct hit stun and can be countered by projectile counters
    • Neutral Circle has an extra 5 AP running hit added to second stage of the attack
    • Level 2 Super – The projectile travels faster and explodes on impact with solid walls
    • Level 1 and Level 2 super can change facing direction at start of super

    Spike’s Remapped Throws

    • Down Throw: Crash Hurricane (causes Flatten)
    • Forward Throw: Monkey Trip! (causes Eject Roll)
    • Up Throw: Sonic Revolution (cases Eject Tornado)
    • Monkey Trip! (Forward Throw) now causes Eject Roll and is no longer frame negative on success

    Sweet Tooth

    • Stand Neutral Triangle can now be directed while it is active; Now gains 30 AP (upped from 8 AP) from a victim caught in front with all hits; Victims hit on the back side get ejected (Light reaction before) and also earn 30 AP (upped from 10)
    • Air Neutral Triangle AP gain upped to 30 on all hits (used to be 25 for front hits and 15 on back hits)
    • Stand and Air Up Triangle (Machete Toss) after a successful hit now continues through all opponents. Machete on ground no longer has a hit volume
    • Level 2 Super – Explosion radius increased by 0.5 meters, control strength increased, speed increased, minimum detonation time decreased by 9 frames to 6 (previously 15)
    • Level 3 Super – Reduced active time from 15 second to 13.5


    • Toro’s Ground Neutral Circle’s duration is now infinite
    • Level 1 Super – Toro can now turn around during the first 5 frames of activation and will no longer slide
    • Level 2 Super – Toro can now turn around during the first 5 frames of activation and will no longer slide during the activation if he was running
    • Air Up Triangle can only be used once per jump
    • Toro’s Oni Air Down Triangle has 9 frames increased start-up and 4 frames more recovery


    • Doubled LR3 Railgun hit volume thickness and reduced aiming sensitivity
    • Added 21 AP of armor to Spear of Destiny start-up and active frames, and increased initial AP gain amount from 10 to 20
    • Increased Sonic Rift hit volume sizes
    • Extended Sturgeon power swing armor to end of active period
    • Opponents can no longer generate AP or pick up AP orbs while Sackbot is attached
    • Opponents can no longer counter the AP eject attacks caused by Sackbot or Murder of Crows

    Source: PS-Lifestyle

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    It's a mostly good patch, especially with a Jak buff, but his nerfs I'm not so sure about. Sweet Tooth is also buffed, so that's helpful. I just don't like how their Sackboy tweaks really mess with his character-style.

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    Well Sir Daniel got sorta buffed so I'm happy about that. Hopefully this "balances" the game like they claim. I love this game but it does need some serious fixing. A lot of OP characters are getting nurfs but there are a lot not being included like Kat, Evil Cole, etc.

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    Oh my god. Sly's level 1 got nerfed. PRAISE ALLAH.
    I'm not sure how I feel about the 1 second reduction on parappas level 2, since parappa is my main. Sounds like a great patch though.

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    Thank god sly's homo the fricken hippo lvl1 got nerfed!!!! :d

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orange-Vision View Post
    Thank god sly's homo the fricken hippo lvl1 got nerfed!!!! :d

    LMFAO ! i swear he is a problem !!!

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