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Soul Sacrifice Trophy List

This is a discussion on Soul Sacrifice Trophy List within the PlayStation & Trophy News forum, part of the Headquarters; Soul Sacrifice , the game that comes to you from developer Marvelous Entertainment and SCE Studios Japan, recently had its ...

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    Soul Sacrifice Trophy List

    Soul Sacrifice, the game that comes to you from developer Marvelous Entertainment and SCE Studios Japan, recently had its trophy list released. Soul Sacrifice is a action role-playing game that comes from the mind of Keji Inafune. In Soul Sacrifice, you play as a slave who stumbles upon a magical book. The book that he comes across allows him to relive epic battles between sorcerers and monsters from the past. The slave will also have to make tough choices in the game that will lead to various results. He will have to choice to sacrifice something like a limb or even a life, if he wishes to use magic during battles. Soul Sacrifice will be releasing for the PlayStation Vita on April 30, 2013 in North America and May 1, 2013 in Europe.


    Epic Tale of Sorcerers
    Acquired all trophies

    Foreshadowing of Despair
    Fulfilled pacts of Chapter 1 of The Sorcerer's Ordeal

    Unavoidable Fate
    Fulfilled all pacts for The Sorcerer's Ordeal

    Greed Incarnate Knows Money
    Fulfilled all pacts for The Wicked Sorcerer

    Rightful Form
    Fulfilled all pacts for Child of a Monster

    Dark Mirror
    Fulfilled all pacts for Ballad of a Werewolf

    The Unwavering Will
    Fulfilled all pacts for The Knight of Vengeance

    Sorcerer's Calling
    Fulfilled all pacts for Several Years Later

    Cursed Past
    Fulfilled all pacts for Destinies Past

    Mad Feast
    Fulfilled all pacts for Fading Humanity

    Puppet Holiday
    Fulfilled all pacts for Beginning of the End

    The Fate of the World
    Fulfilled all pacts for Only Memories Remain

    Bucking Fate
    Read through all Magusar chapters and staff credits

    A Brave New World
    Fulfilled all pacts for Innocence

    Powers of Covetousness
    Fulfilled all pacts for Desire

    Something Lost, Something Gained
    Fulfilled all pacts for Reparation

    Fulfilled all pacts for Atonement

    To Win at all Costs
    Fulfilled all pacts for Envy

    My Power Rules All
    Fulfilled all pacts for Pride

    Fulfilled all pacts for Judgment

    The Road Traveled
    Fulfilled all pacts for Remorse

    The Jury's Perspective
    Fulfilled all pacts for Penitence

    A Better Tomorrow
    Fulfilled all pacts for Recursion

    Commanding Awe
    Completed all Avalon Pacts

    Fully-Fledged Sorcerer
    Defeated 10 archfiends

    Path of a Great Sorcerer
    Defeated 20 archfiends

    Elementary Sorcerer
    Acquired 100 Offerings

    Gradual Gain of Power
    Acquired 500 Offerings

    To be Known For Greatness
    Acquired 1000 Offerings

    More Power, More Courage
    Held 30 of One Offering

    Caring for your Wares
    Repaired 50 Offerings

    Humble Beginnings
    Acquired one selectable raiment

    Stylish Sorcerer
    Acquired 60 selectable raiments

    Forbidden for a Reason
    Learned a new Black Rite

    Last Resort, Secret Technique
    Learned 5 Black Rites

    Thoughts Flow in the Arm
    Acquired 100 soul/life essences

    Emotions Swirl in the Arm
    Acquired 1000 soul/life essences

    Elementary Offering Fusing
    Fused Offerings

    To be a Better Sorcerer
    Acquired 50 Offerings by fusing

    Without a Scratch
    Earn the "Unscathed Kill" award in an Avalon pact

    Boundless Strength
    Score 450 points or more in one pact

    Boil, Torch, and Torment
    Inflict 5 ailments on an archfiend

    Light-footed Sorcerer
    Killed archfiend in single-player mode with 1 Offering

    Spinner of Legends
    Achieve the rank of "Legendary Sorcerer" 50 times

    Sorrow of Solitude
    Teased Librom in 3 different ways

    From Cover to Cover
    Opened all pages of Librom

    Pure and Straight
    Started pact with 6 identical Offerings

    Use What You Can
    Unleashed 4 spells with no offerings equipped in one pact

    The Offering Offers Power
    Used a Chest of Fortune in pact

    The Path of Cooperation
    Relived a pact in multiplayer

    What it Means to Fight Together
    Relived 20 pacts in multiplayer

    Sorcerer with a Swift Arm
    Relived 100 pacts in multiplayer

    Magical Milestones
    Visited many places on pacts

    Taboos should be Challenged
    Used a Black Rite

    I Decide Who Lives and Who Dies
    Life level or magic level reached 20

    Thy Strength Runneth Over
    Life level or magic level reached 99

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    Dont look like a Hard platinum
    Guess I gonna try to Platinum it

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    I'm always just tiny bit disappointed when Vita games force MP trophies.
    But this game looks awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeyG View Post
    I'm always just tiny bit disappointed when Vita games force MP trophies.
    But this game looks awesome
    It's online only and no Ad hoc as well.

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    Seriously I hope the 3 mp trophies are easy.

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    Looks tempting..

    You can't insult someone who's feeling's don't get hurt.

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    its not just psvita games that force mp n mp related trophies, its almost every game thats out... it ruins it for me which is why i avoid games with online related stuff, online trophies should be a seperate thing from the overall platinum run purely for the fact that they are usually tedious with not alot of thought put into them just like with fifa games n gta4, they are way too time consumin or difficult so unless u get really good/nice gamers alongside u the mp trophy runs can take forever... unless they are awesome titles like this, cant wait to slay away for hours online

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    i'm gonna buy this game

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