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Cosmic Star Heroine Coming to PS4 & Vita

This is a discussion on Cosmic Star Heroine Coming to PS4 & Vita within the PlayStation & Trophy News forum, part of the Headquarters; Cosmic Star Heroine is a rpg that is made by indie developer Zeboyd Games . In Cosmic Star Heroine, you ...

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    Cosmic Star Heroine Coming to PS4 & Vita

    Cosmic Star Heroine is a rpg that is made by indie developer Zeboyd Games. In Cosmic Star Heroine, you play as Alyssa L'Salle, who is one of the galactic governments top agents. Alyssa soon comes across a conspiracy, which causes her government to out her. Alyssa will have to do whatever she can in the game to complete her mission.

    Today Sony has revealed more new indie games that will be coming to either the PS3, PS4, or Vita. One game that was revealed is Cosmic Star Heroine, which will be making its debut exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and Vita. The game will be released in 2014. Below is the games trailer.

    Source: PS Blog.

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    Cosmic Star Heroine is our latest attempt to recapture the feel of some of the classic RPGs of the 90s, while putting our own unique spin on the whole experience. Inspired by games like Chrono Trigger (visual style, on-map battles, combo techniques), the Phantasy Star series (overall feel of the worlds and characters), and the Suikoden series (political intrigue, expandable player headquarters), we can’t wait to share Cosmic Star Heroine with you!

    And that means we need your help! We’ll be running a Kickstarter to raise needed development funds to make Cosmic Star Heroine the best “Shoulda been released in the 90s” RPG ever! And thanks to the good people at Sony, we’ll be able to offer cross-buy (buy once, get both versions!) PS4/Vita PSN codes for Cosmic Star Heroine at the low reward tier of $10! And of course, there’ll be plenty of other cool rewards if you choose to donate more!
    Sold, Sold, Sold, Sold, and Sold. First time I've been excited about a new RPG IP in a great deal of time.

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    Why did I read it as Cosmic Star Heroin?
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