Atomic Ninjas is a 2.5D action platformer that is developed by Grip Games. Grip Games is well known for the PS3 and Vita game Foosball 2012, which was cross-buy supported. Atomic Ninjas will feature mainly multiplayer as you go up against other players' in several different modes in the game for you to play. There are bots if you don't feel like playing other players'. Atomic Ninjas will be releasing on the PS3 and Vita sometime this year.


Fresh out of school
Complete the Ninja Academy

Ninja costume party
Unlock a new ninja

Let the party begin!
Create & start an online match with three other people in it

Small victory
Win a round in Objectives in online match

Get 1000 score in a single Deathmatch online match

Fully upgrade a Super Ability

Trials and tribulations
Complete all Ninja Trials

Deathmatch champion
Win a four-player Deathmatch online match

Objectives champion
Win a four-player Objectives online match

Atomic Ninja
Reach rank 30

Don't follow the light!
Die 20 times in a single online match

Happy New Year!
Explode the rocket