Grab your broom and get ready to clean as Dustforce lands on the PlayStation Vita and PS3 this week. The game from Hitbox Studios will put you in the shoes of an acrobatic janitor who must clean up all the dust and grime in the world to complete various levels. Players must be very fast though as they are up against the clock. Dustforce will be priced at $9.99.


The Janitor Possesses the Keys
Obtain a red key

Are you the Key Master?
Obtain a gold key

Triple threat
Use area attack three times in a single player level

Into the Trees
Unlock all Forest levels

Maid Service
Unlock all Mansion levels

City Ordinance
Unlock all City levels

E-Wast Disposal
Unlock all Laboratory levels

The Clean Up Crew
Score double-S in a silver level in each hub

Spotless Shine
Score a flawless victory in a four-player online match

Bathroom breaks are for the weak
Pass a red level without respawning

Easy Does it
Score double-S in all combat levels without using area attack

One man's Trash...
Sweep 50 apples

Master of the Custodial Arts
Score double-S in all original single player levels