Llamasoft takes a trip down memory lane this month with the upcoming release of TxK. TxK is a game that takes inspiration from the game Tempest 2000, which released for the Atari Jaguar. TxK was revealed by Llamasoft back in April 2013. TxK will be releasing for the PlayStation Vita on February 11, 2014 in NA.


Completed Rings Bonus
Finish one Rings Bonus round

Completed Path Bonus
Finish one Path Bonus round

A good start
Get to level 16

Halfway there
Reach level 51

Finish all game levels

Long march
Complete all the game in Pure mode

Ultra Survival
Complete all game in Survival mode

Max lives
Max out lives counter

Risky rescue
Get rescued by AI droid at distance

Pure skill
Complete level 1-33 without dying