Day D Tower Rush is an ios strategy game released back in February that will be released on the vita in the near future. This game will feature 40 loevel, Unique colorful worlds along with original opponents and terrible bosses.


Take your places!
Installed weapons on all the tiles accessible on a level.

An Old Ruin
Completed a level without improving weaponry.

An Important Position
Placed all types of weaponry accessible in the episode on a single tile.

A Natural Disaster
Used all the different types of geo-charge on a level.

A Stingy Warrior
Sold 10 weapons on a single level.

№1 Preparation
Installed all types of weapons accessible on a level.

The Best Place
Unlocked a tile for i-volve on any level.

A Chance of Rain
Used geo-charges 10 times on a single level.

On the Edge
Completed a level with the time machine's health below 10 points.

Collected 10,000 bones in a single level.

An Impregnable Fortress
Didn't let a single enemy reach the time machine throughout a level.

Destroyed 20,000 enemies throughout the entire game.