One of the main reasons I've picked up PES 2012 this month is Become A Legend. I was impressed at how immersive it was, in comparison to FIFA's Be A Pro. Now, not to start a war between PES-fans and FIFA-fans, but I still prefer FIFA by far. Anyway, on Youtube I see all these player presentations where the new signing first takes a seat, says something and poses for a few pictures with his new coach. This happens on my game too. But then, on Youtube, they move to the stadium, hold another little speech and start doing some tricks with the ball. Now, this never, ever happens on my game. At first I thought it was because I was playing with Roda JC Kerkrade, which is a minor club in the Netherlands. I thought it had something to do with their stadium not being in it. So I moved to Ajax, because their stadium (the Amsterdam Arena) does appear in the game. Still no luck. So I went to Barcelona. Bought Neymar. And still nothing. I'm at a loss, really.

So, how does the 'extended' presentation happen?