Getting a high score in the challenge / mini game "Bandit Boot" will get the trophy "Real cats wear boots"

This mini game is a skill game where you have 5 chances to pass a level by gaining the goal score. You gain points by kicking a enemy into a trap, each trap showing how many points you get for that trap.

First think you should know, is that on the first 3 levels, you see a trap with a boot sign. Hitting this one will give you a extra boot for this round as well as the rest after that one. So getting it on the first level, will give you 6 chances each level after that. Again there are 3 of these on the first 3 levels.

Next thing, is that if you see any fires on the ground, you need to put them out by hitting the barrel near them. This will give you points (because the barrel is points) and will open the path to traps behind (a 100 point trap on stage 3)

After you get all 8 chances, and pass level 4, you should have enough (only need 1000)
i got up to the 8th level (i think) but loss on purpose because anything over 1000 is a waste of time.