Recently my bro was trying to get the platinum for this game but came across an area that just wont load at all in the Wesley Cutter Intl Airport right by where a sex doll and a building is located, causing the PS3 to freeze and then crash after another option in selected. (For example: quit game, eject disc. etc.) I got the platinum for the game not too long after the game was released and had no problems with it, but now that same copy of the game which I had no problems with now doesn't work for some reason. It's not the copy because today we got another copy from GameStop and it still causes the freeze, with out and with the latest patch. Could someone else who has the copy try and get to this place and see if they are having problems with it and if it does work which copy of saints row do you have, full package or regular? I have provided a map and location of where it is it freezes (Area inside the red square freezes on foot; when on airplane you go through the ground). See below.