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Questions and Answers Sheet by the_b1ues

This is a discussion on Questions and Answers Sheet by the_b1ues within the Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen! forum, part of the S; The_b1ues and other members on xbox360achievements worked hard to consolidate the 1800 questions (with answers). They did all the hard ...

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    Questions and Answers Sheet by the_b1ues

    The_b1ues and other members on xbox360achievements worked hard to consolidate the 1800 questions (with answers). They did all the hard work and deserve all the credit for this daunting task. I asked for permission to post this!

    Screening Room - Sabrina

    1.Q - Name the movie?
    A - Sabrina
    2.Q - Name the Actor that plays Linus Larrabee?
    A - Humphry Bogart
    3.Q - Who plays Sabrina in the movie?
    A - Audrey Hepburn
    4.Q - Who play Sabrina in the 1995 remake of the movie?
    A - Julia Ormond
    5. Q - Linus was there chairman on the board of which company?
    A - Larabee Industries

    Screening Room - In the Line of Fire 1993

    1.Q - Name the Movie
    A - In the Line of Fire
    2.Q - What is the first name of Clint Eastwood Charactor?
    A - Frank
    3.Q - Name the actor whos voice is on the other end of the line
    A - John Malkovich
    4.Q - Which US President is menged in the scence?
    A - John F. Kennedy
    5.Q - Who directed this movie?
    A - Wolfgang Petersen

    Screening Room - Somewhere in time (Christopher Reeves)

    1.Q - Name the Movie
    A - Somewhere in Time
    2.Q - What is the hotel room number?
    A - 117
    3.Q - What does the women claim she will be doing all day?
    A - Rehearsing
    4.Q - Name Christopher Reeves alter ego in Superman
    A - Clark Kent
    5.Q - What time will the couple meet?
    A - 1 o'clock

    Screening Room - Saturday Night Fever (John Travolta)

    1.Q - Name the movie
    A - Saturday Night Fever.
    2.Q - Name the actor in this scene
    A - John Travolta
    3.Q - What is the female charactors name?
    A - Stephanie Mangano
    4.Q - What is the colour of John Travoltas shirt in this scene?
    A - Red.
    5.Q - Who wrote and directed the 198 segual to the movie?
    A - Sylvester Stallone

    Screening Room - Say Anything (John Cusack)

    1.Q - How many chairs can be seen behind John Cussack?
    A - Two
    2.Q - What is the name of John Cusack's Character?
    A - Lloyd Dobler
    3.Q - Name the writer/director of this film.
    A - Cameron Crowe
    4.Q - What "coberation" does Lloyds father work for?
    A - The Army
    5.Q - The father in this scene also plays the dad in which Tv sitcom?
    A - Frasier

    Screening Room - Young Frankenstein

    1.Q - What relation is Gene Wilders Character to the original Dr Frankinstien?
    A - GrandSon
    2.Q - Name the actress who play Inga
    A - Teri Garr
    3.Q - Name the commidian who was married to Gene Wilder
    A - Gilda Radner
    4.Q - Young Frankenstien received how many Acadamy Award Nominations?
    A - 2
    5.Q - The tagline for this film read " The....... of all time
    A - Scariest Comedy

    Screening Room - Theres Something about Mary (Ben Stiller)

    1.Q - Name the comedey trio that made Puffy's Defencse move famous.
    A - The Three Stooges
    2.Q - Where does Ben Stiller first get bit by Puffy in this scene?
    A - On the ankle
    3.Q - Name the brother team that directed this movie
    A - The Farrelly Brothers
    4.Q - Where does the scene take place?
    A - Marys Appartment
    5.Q - Who drugged Puffy?
    A - Pat

    Screening Room - 12 Angry Men

    1.Q - Name the movie
    A - 12 Angry Men
    2.Q - According to the man summ what time did the boy leave the house?
    A - Ten minuets after 12
    3.Q - What words are printed on the door opened at the beginning of the scene?
    A- Jury Room
    4.Q - Name the actor who proclaims " Its not possible"
    A - Lee J Cobb
    5. Q - From which pocket does Henry Ford pull out a knife?
    A - His right coat pocket.

    Screening Room - Name the movie (Caveman)

    1.Q - Name the actor of whom the bug lands.
    A- Dennis Quaid
    2.Q - Name the actor who squashes the bug
    A - Ringo Star
    3.Q - Ringo star marries his "cavman" co star name her.
    A -Barbara Bach
    4.Q - Dennis Quaid was miniaturized in what 1987 comedey
    A - Innerspace
    5.Q - What is Ringo Stars really name?
    A - Richards Starkey

    Screening Room - Some like it hot

    1.Q - Name the movie
    A - Some like it hot
    2.Q - Name the male actor in the scene.
    A - Tony Curits
    3. Q - How many different male bands has she worked with in last two years?
    A - Six
    4.Q - What type of Saxaphone does Joe/Josephine play
    A - Tenor
    5.Q - Name the director who was nominted for a Oscar for this movie.
    A - Billy Wilder

    Screening Room - Lawrence Of Arabia

    1.Q - Why does Lawrence say he likes the desert?
    A - "Its Clean"
    2.Q - How many times does Bently knock on the car?
    A - Three
    3.Q - How does Lawrence die in the movie?
    A - Motercycle Accident
    4.Q - Who directed this film?
    A - David Lean
    5. Q - How many oscars did this film win?
    A - Seven

    Screening Room – From here to entity

    1.Q – Name the movie
    A – From here to entity
    2. Q – How many Oscar nominations did the movie receive?
    A – Thirteen
    3. Q – Whattype of weapon is Bur Lancaster holding?
    A – Broken Bottle
    4. Q – Whichactor won an Oscar for this film?
    A – Frank Sinatra
    5. Q – Which actor played Pvt.Robert E Lee ‘Prew’ Prewitt in this movie?
    A - Montgomery Clift

    Screening Room – There’s something about Mary

    1.Q – Namethe comedy trio that made Puffy’s defence memorable
    A – The Three Stooges
    2.Q – Where does Ben Stiller first get bit by Puffy in this scene?
    A – On his ankle
    3. Q – Name the brother team that directed the moive
    A – The Farrelly Brothers
    4. Q – Where does the scene take place?
    A – Mary’s Apartment
    5. Q – Who drugged Puffy?
    A - Pat

    Screening Room – Grease

    1.Q – Name the “Falcon Crest” star that play Tom in this scene
    A – Lorenzo Lemus
    2. Q – Name the actors who play the main roles in this movie.
    A - John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
    3. Q – What is the name of the high school featured in the movie?
    A – Rydell High
    4. Q – Sandy says she “glad toms such a” what?
    A – “Simple Person”
    5. Q – Where is Toms brains?
    Answer – In his biceps

    Screening Room – Trading Places
    1.Q - Name the movie
    A. Trading Places
    2.Q - Who directed this movie?
    A. John Landis
    3. Q - According to the con man, what was his name when he was in Vietnam?
    A. Agent Orange
    4.Q - What are the last two words printed on the con man’s sign?
    A. Merry Christmas
    5.Q - Who is the lead female actress in this movie?
    A. Jamie Lee Curtis

    Screening Room – Being John Malkovich

    1. Q - Name the movie
    A. Being John Malkovich
    2.Q - How many Malkovich kids are seen in this clip?
    A. One
    3.Q - Who directed this movie?
    A. Spike Jonze
    4.Q - Which actor plays Craig Schwartz in this movie?
    A. John Cusack
    5.Q - “Being John Malkovich” received how many Academy Award nominations?
    A. Three

    Screening Room – Charlie’s Angels

    1.Q - What design is on her lighter?
    A. The U.S. flag
    2.Q - Drew Barrymore was also married to an actor who also appears in “Charlie’s Angels”. Name him.
    A. Tom Green
    3.Q - Name the actor who plays the voice of Charlie.
    A. John Forsythe
    4.Q - What is the name of this movie’s sequel?
    A. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle
    5.Q - Name the actor who plays John Bosley.
    1. Bill Murray

    Screening Room - Titanic

    1. Q - Name the movie
    Answer - Titanic
    2. Q - What are the only two spoken by the woman in this scene?
    Answer - "You're crazy."
    3. Q - What line from this film did director James Cameron quote when picking up his Best Director oscar?
    Answer - "I'm the king of the world!"
    4. Q - What is the name of the female character in this scene?
    Answer - Rose
    5. Q - Name the actress in this scene.
    Answer - Kate Winslet

    Screening Room - The Bourne Supremacy

    1. Q - How many men are in the interrogation room with Jason?
    Answer - Two
    2. Q - What is the name of the actor who plays Jason Bourne?
    Answer - Matt Damon
    3. Q - What are the last two words spoken in this scene?
    Answer - "I understand."
    4. Q - "The Bourne Supremacy" is the sequel to what movie?
    Answer - The Bourne Identity
    5. Q - Who wrote the novel on which this movie is based?
    Answer - Robert Ludlum

    Screening Room - Animal House

    1. Q - Name the move.
    Answer - Animal House
    2. Q - What color is the gelatin salad John Belushi is eating?
    Answer - Green
    3. Q - What is the name of the 'disreputable' frat house in this film?
    Answer - The Delta House
    4. Q - What is Tim Matheson's nickname in this film?
    Answer -Otter
    5. Q - Which "Ghostbuster" actor co-wrote this movie?
    Answer - Harold Ramis

    Screening Room - Tommy Boy (Model Cars)

    1.Q - Name the Movie
    Answer - Tommy Boy
    2.Q - What colour is the first car Tommy Uses?
    Answer - Blue
    3.Q -According to Tommy example what is in the middle of the road?
    Answer - A Truck Tire
    4.Q - Name the actor who plays Richard
    Answer - David Spade
    5.Q - In which movie did David Spade play a INS agent named Eli and Chris Farley play "Ronnie the Mechanic"
    Answer - Coneheads

    Screening Room - When Harry met Sally

    1.Q - Name the former US President who son plays Meg Ryan's Ex boyfriend
    Answer - Gerald Ford
    2.Q - How many time is the word "Meow" spoken in the scene?
    Answer - Three
    3.Q - Two years after this film was released, the two actors in this clip stared in anther hit film. Name the film
    Answer - City Slickers
    4.Q - What is the name of Harry friend in the scene?
    Answer - Jess
    5.Q - Name the movie
    Answer - When Harry met Sally

    Screening Room - The Princess Bride

    1.Q - Name the Movie
    Answer - The Princess Bride
    2.Q - According to Vizzini where should you never engage a land war?
    Answer - Asia
    3.Q - What was the last word spoken by the man in black in this scene?
    Answer - "You quessed wrong"
    4.Q - What is the name of the female character who is blindfolded?
    Answer - Buttercup
    5.Q - What king of fruit is sitting on the table?
    Answer - Apple

    Screening Room - Karate Kid

    1.Q - Name the movie?
    A - Karate Kid
    2.Q - Name the Actor who plays Mr. Miyagi?
    A - Pat Morita
    3.Q -Mr. Miyagi plays "Arnold" in which long running tv show?
    A - Happy Days
    4.Q - Name the actor who plays Daniel Larusso?
    A - Ralph Macchio
    5. Q - Name the actress who plays Daniel's love interest?
    A - Elisabeth Shue

    Screening Room - Bowfinger

    1.Q - Name the movie?
    A - Bowfinger
    2.Q - What is the first word Eddie Murphy says after the top comes off?
    A - Awesome
    3.Q - Who directed the movie?
    A - Frank Oz
    4.Q - What does the acronym K.I.T. mean in the movie?
    A - Keep It Together
    5. Q - When was the movie released?
    A - 1999

    Screening Room - Cast Away

    1.Q - According to Chuck, how fast is the plane flying?
    A - About 475 MPH
    2.Q - Name the director of this movie.
    A - Robert Zemeckis
    3.Q - In which movie did Tom Hanks win his first Oscar as an actor?
    A - Philadelphia
    4.Q - What is the numerical value of pie?
    A - 3.14
    5. Q - Name the movie
    A - Castaway

    Screening Room - Shrek

    1.Q - What color was the ribbon in Princess Fiona's Hair?
    A: Green
    2.Q - A portion of this scene parodies another fight scene in what other 1999 film?
    A: The Matrix
    3.Q - What is the donkey's name in the movie?
    A: Donkey
    4.Q - Who provides the voice of Fiona's mother Queen Lilian in Shrek 2 and the Third?
    A: Julie Andrews
    5. Q - Who provide the voice of Shrek in this film?
    A: Mike Myers

    Screening Room - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    1.Q - Name the state in which the scene was set.
    A: Indiana
    2.Q - What is a definition of another encounter of the third kind?
    A: Contact
    3.Q - Name the actor in this scene.
    A: Richard Dreyfuss
    4. Q - What is the name of the mountain Roy becomes obsessed with.
    A: The Devils Tower
    5. Q - Name the movie
    A - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    Screening Room - Office Space

    1.Q - Name the Movie
    A.Office Space
    2. Q - Name the first name of the character who forgot the cover sheets
    A -Peter
    3. Q - How many times is the word memo spoken in this scene
    A - Four
    4. Q - Name Ron Livingston's character on Sex and the City
    A - Jack Berger
    5. Q - What year was this movie released
    A -1999

    Screening Room - Postcards from the edge

    1. Q - Name the movie
    Answer - Postcards from the edge
    2. Q - Name the actress in this scene
    Answer - Meryl Streep
    3. Q - What color is the largest truck in this scene
    Answer - Blue
    4. Q - How many times does Meryl Streep say Help
    Answer - Three
    5. Q - What is the woman wearing
    Answer - Police uniform

    Screening Room - Uncle Buck

    1. Q - Name the movie
    Answer - Uncle Buck
    2. Q - What baseball team poster is in the background of this shot
    Answer - Chicago Cubs
    3. Q - Name the actor who plays the uncle
    Answer - John Candy
    4. Q - Name the director of this film
    Answer - John Hughes
    6. Q - What nationality was John Candy
    Answer - Canadian

    Screening Room - Sixteen Candles

    1. Q - Name the movie
    Answer - Sixteen Candles
    2. Q -Name the actress that plays Samantha in this movie
    Answers - Molly Ringwald
    3. Q - How many time is the word Married spoken in this scene
    Answer - Eight
    4. Q - What kind of food does Samantha eat to increase the size of her chest
    Answer - Carrots
    5. Q -What movie did Molly Ringwald start in a year later as Claire Standish
    Answer - The Breakfast Club

    Sequentials Put these movies in order.
    For this section i will write a list of movies and there dates
    so you can look through them.

    25th Hour 2002
    2 days in the vally 1996
    3 Men and a Baby 1987
    2001: A space Odyssey 1968
    A life less ordinary 1997
    Alien 1979
    Amistad 1997
    Bridget Jones Dairy 2001
    Blade Runner 1982
    Black Hawk Down 2001
    Big Fish 2003
    Con Air 1997
    Consiricy Theroy 1997
    Chinatown 1974
    Crimson Tide 1995
    Chicago 2002
    Corpse Bride 2005
    Cruel Intentions 1999
    Defending your life 1991
    Down with love 2003
    Daredevil 2003
    Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind 2004
    Erin Brockovich 2000
    Ed Wood 1994
    Eyes wide Shut 1999
    Easy Rider (1969)
    Forrest Gump 1994
    Far Away 1992
    Ghost Rider 2007
    Gone in 60 seconds 2000
    Gladiator 2000
    Ghostbusters 1984
    Garden State 2004
    Glory 1989
    Good Will Hunting 1997
    Goodfellas 1990
    He got game 1998
    Hoosiers 1986
    Harper Vally P.T.A 1978
    Hawii 1966
    Hollywood Land 2006
    Housesitter 1992
    Inside Man 2006
    Jackie Brown 1997
    Kill Bill Vol 1 2003
    Love Actually 2003
    Lethal Weapon 1987
    Lucky Number Sleven 2006
    Leaving Las Vegas 1995
    Liar Liar 1997
    Lean on Me 1989
    Monster 2003
    Mars Attacks 1996
    Mary Poppins 1964
    Moonstruck 1987
    Man on the Moon 1999
    Malcolm X 1992
    Me,Myself and Irene 2000
    Mission Impossible 1996
    Mad Max 1979
    Magnolia 1999
    Million Dollar Baby 2004
    North Country 2005
    National Tresure 2004
    Novocaine 2001
    Nurse Bettey 2000
    Nine Months 1995
    Notting Hill 1999
    National Tresure 2004
    O brother, Where art thou? 2000
    Out of Africa 1985
    On golden Pond 1981
    Payback 1999
    Pearl Harbour 2001
    Prizis Honor 1985
    Parenthead 1989
    Paper Moon 1973
    Pulp Fiction 1994
    Pretty Baby 1978
    Reservior Dogs 1992
    Rocky 1976
    Rock Star 2004
    Reindeer Games 2000
    Robin Hood - Men in tights 1993
    Roxanne 1987
    Ransom 1996
    Raging Bull 1980
    Rosemarys Baby 1968
    Shanghai Noon 2000
    Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope 1977
    Star War Episode 1 The Phantom Menace 1999
    Steel Magnolias 1989
    Signs 2002
    Stargate 1994
    Starship Troppers. 1997
    Sophie’s Choice 1982
    Shakespeare in love 1998
    Scrooged 1988
    Strips 1981
    Spaceballs 1987
    Silent Movie 1976
    Superman 1978
    Sleepy Hollow 1999
    Shes having a Baby 1988
    Trainspotting 1996
    The Color of Money 1986
    The Firm 1993
    The Piano 1993
    The Lost Boys 1987
    The Pelican Brief 1993
    The Rock 1996
    The rocky horrow picture show 1975
    The Princess Diaries 2001
    The Hours 2002
    The Departed 2006
    The English Patent 1996
    The Professional 1994
    The Deer Hunter 1978
    The Hurricane 1999
    The French Connection 1971
    The Lion in Winter 1968
    The Interpreter 2005
    The Philidelphia Story 1940
    The Shining 1980
    The Bounty 1984
    Total Recall 1990
    The cable guy 1996
    The Incredibles 2004
    The Pelican Breif 1993
    The King of Comedy 1983
    The African Queen 1951
    Taxi Driver 1976
    Unforgiven 1992
    Vally Girl 1983
    Victor Victoria 1982
    Vanity Fair 2004
    Vally of the dolls 1967
    Viva Las Vegas 1964
    What about Bob? 1991
    Walk the line 2005
    Where the heart is 2000
    Young Frankenstien 1974

    Montages - Name the movie

    1.Mon - Snow covered town, Soldiers, Type Writer , Grave
    A - Schindler's List

    1.Mon - Long Cable,Air Vent,Feater,Room With Rv
    A - Panic Room

    1.Mon – Pile of sand running through door, Old book , mummy coming out of wall , Pyramid ,
    1. Mummy

    Probs - Name the Movie

    1.Probs - Green and Orange time board.
    Answer - Back to the Future
    2.Probs - Blue Boxing ring man on the floor.
    Answer - Rocky
    3. Probs - P on a tress
    Answer - Shrek 2
    4. Probs - Urn
    Answer - Meet the Parents
    5.Probs - Man holding Tin
    Answer - The Big Lebowski

    Probs - Name the Movie

    1.Probs – Airplane
    Answer – Airplane
    2.Probs – Target on a Plane
    Answer – Top Gun
    3.Probs – Good Year Blimp
    Answer – Black Sunday
    4. Probs – Sand Storm and Plane
    Answer – The Mummy
    5. Probs – Plane and Crane
    Answer – True Lies

    Probs - Name the Movie

    1. Probs - White Mask
    Answer - Vanilla Sky
    2.Probs - Huge Camera/Gun
    Answer - The Jackal
    3.Probs - Old Gun
    Answer - The Mexican
    4.Probs - Book "HOW I DID IT"
    Answer - Young Frankenstien
    5.Probs - Horse and Hound Mag
    Answer - Notting Hill

    Props - Name the Movie

    1. Probs - Paris 1900
    Answer - Moulin Rouge
    2. Probs - Newpaper with title "Axe Murder who kills their husbands on Honeymoon"
    Answer - So I married an Axe murderer
    3. Q - Newspaper Fargin War "Dundee vs Maronie"
    Answer - Johnny Dangerously
    4. Probs - Newspaper ad "SWF seeks female to share apartment in west 70s..."
    Answer - Single White Female
    5. Probs - Precrime hunt it's own
    Answer - Minority Report

    Photstudio - Visual Puzzelers - Name that movie

    1. Pictures - Strange piece of technology,Planet,Green Alien,3 Small Aliens.
    Answer - Galaxy Quest
    2. Pictures - ScoreBoard,Legs,Hands,Cheerleaders
    Answer - Bring it on
    3. Pictures - Watch,Fire,Bike with Us flag,Bikers
    Answer - Easy Rider
    4. Pictures - Darwin, Man eating cake,Adams Collage,Triangle
    Answer - Revenge of the Nerds
    5. Pictures - Legs,Tank,Polic Car,Solder
    Answer - Traps

    Main Street - Pop Culture - Answer the following Questions

    1.Q - Demi Moore bulked up as Lt John Oneal who had something to prove in what 1977 drama
    A - G.I Jane
    2.Q - Name the oscar whos winning actor whos first big screen role was playing Tré Styles in "Boys in the Hood"?
    A - Cuba Gooding Jr
    3.Q - What 2004 movie as based is the life of JM Barrie and the family who inspired him to write Peter Pan?
    A - Finding Neverland
    4.Q - What is the name of the frustrated teacher who is played by Ray Walston in "At fast times at Ridgemount High"?
    A - Mr Hand
    5.Q - What comdiean plays Montgumory Brewster's benerfishey who inherits a large some of money in Brester Millons?
    A - Richard Pryor

    Main Street - Pop Culture - Answer the following Questions

    1.Q - Who speak his mind as Silent Bob in such films as "Clerks" and "Chasing Army"
    A - Kevin Smith
    2. Q - What fururistic movies star Arnold Schwazentgger as a wrong convicted man who must survive a deadly sadistic game show?
    Answer - The Running Man
    3. Q - In 1997, two big budget volcano movies were relieased "Volcano" was one of them what was the other?
    Answer - Dante's Peak
    4.Q - Who played the George Cloonly roll in the orignal "Oceans Eleven"?
    Answer - Frank Sinatra
    5.Q - In what city does 2005 comedy "Fever Pitch" take place
    Answer - Boston

    Main Street - Pop Culture - Answer the following Questions

    1.Q – What heroic musical duo had an excellent adventure in 1989 and a bogus journey in 1991?
    A – Bill and Ted
    2. Q – Name the former “In Living Colour” star who directed “Scary Movie”
    A – Keenen Ivory Wayans
    3. Q – Who plays Indiana Jones’s father in Indiana Jones and the last crusade?
    A – Sean Connery
    4. Q – In 2004 and 2005, respectively, Renny, Harlin and Paul Schrader both direct prequels to what classic 1973 horror film
    A- The Exorcist
    5. Q – What actors play lovers Mikey and Mallory who go on a widely publicised murder spree in a controversial 1994 movie?
    A – Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis

    Main Street - Pop Culture - Answer the following Questions

    1.Q - Name the comedy in which a beautiful fish out of water gives herself the name Madison after looking at a New York Street sign.
    A - Splash
    2.Q - Who plays Link, the caveman thawed out by high school schoolers in the comedy "Encino Man"
    A - Brendan Fraser
    3.Q - What 1995 movie started Eddie Murphy in a title role and was directed by Wes Craven.
    A - Vampire in Brooklyn
    4.Q - What actress/writer penned the 1990 Meryl Streep comedy "Postcards from the edge"
    A - Carrie Fisher
    5.Q - What two A - List actors inspired amateur screen writer everywhere when they won the 1998 Oscar for best Orginal Screenplay?
    A - Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

    Western Set - Quoteables - Finish the line

    1. Line - By Grabthar hammer by the son of Marvin... (Galaxy Quest)
    Answer - You shall be avenged
    2. Line - Help me. Obi-Wan Kanobi... (Star Wars)
    Answer - Your my only hope.
    3. Line - You killed my father ... (The Princess Brinde)
    Answer - Prepare to Die
    4. Line - Theres no Area 51, There no Space ship, Uh excuse me Mr President thats..
    Answer - not entily accurate
    5. Line - Dont go.. (Poltergiest)
    Answer - Into the light
    1.Line - My advice to is to start (Animal House)
    Answer - Drinking Heavily
    2.Line - Nothing can Stay (The Outsiders)
    Answer - Gold
    3.Line - I want my (Better of dead)
    Answer - Two Dollars
    4.Line - You had me (Jerry Maguire)
    Answer - At Hello
    5.Line - You're gonna need a bigger (Jaws)
    Answer - Boat
    1.Line - Im not a smart man but i know (Forest Gump)
    Answer - What love is
    2.Line - The greast trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world (Unsual Suspects)
    Answer - He didnt exist
    3.Line - Easy miss, ive got you and you've got me (Superman the Movie)
    1. Line – “A boys best friend is”? (Psycho)
    Answer – His Mother
    2. Line – “Of my old friend I can only say this: off all the souls I have encountered in my travels his was the…” (Star Trek)
    Answer – Human
    3. Line – “That …… really tied the room togther”
    Answer – Rug
    4. Line – “ I want you of this rock on the next transport or im going to shoot you” (Men in Black)
    Answer – Where it don’t grow back

    Sketches - Name the Movie

    1.Sketch - Telephone - Shoe
    Answer - Booty Call
    2. Sketch - Message in a Bottle
    Answer - Message in a Bottle
    3.Sketch - Mountains with eyes
    Answer - Hills have eyes
    4.Sketch - Cannon
    Answer - Cannonball run
    5.Sketch - Stars - Planet - Footballs
    Answer -Spaceballs

    Sketches - Name the Movie

    1. Sketch – Saw
    Answer – Saw
    2. Sketch – Space ship – Moon
    Answer – Shoot the Moon
    3. Sketch – Horse – On Fire
    Answer – Blazing Saddles
    4. Sketch - Dragon – Door
    Answer – Enter the dragon
    5. Sketch – Fish – Sword
    Answer – Swordfish

    Sketches - Name the Movie

    1.Sketch - Man - Sword in his back - William
    Answer - Kill Bill Vol 1
    2.Sketch - Chief - Pizza
    Answer - Mystic Pizza
    3.Sketch - Man in Wheelchair - London General Hospital
    Answer - English Patiant
    4.Sketch - Eggs - Mud
    Answer - The Dirty Dozen
    5.Sketch - Heart - Sword - Scotish Hat
    Answer - Braveheart.

    Pictograms – Name the movie

    1.Pic – Truck – Moon
    Answer - Moonstruck
    2.Pic – Man on chair, Pilon , Lion, Dynamite
    Answer – Napoleon Dynamite
    3. Pic – Wall, Road
    Answer – Wall Street
    4. Pic – Cliff, Coat Hanger
    Answer – Cliffhanger
    5. Pic – Spinning Top, Gun
    Answer – Top Gun

    Song,Slogans and Sayings - Answer the followingQuestions

    1.SSS - Name the 1973 romance where Barbara Streisand says " Your girl is lovly Humbell
    A - The way we were.
    2.SSS - Name the movie with the tagline "May the schwartz be with you"
    A - Spaceballs
    3.SSS - What 1997 Oscar winning movie tagline was "Brace yourself for Melvin"?
    A - As good as it gets.
    4.SSS - One tagline for this film read "Beware the ball,Beware the tall man beware the never dead"
    A - Phantasm
    5.SSS - Name the character who is the object of Benjamin Braddlocks acusation "Your trying to seduce me in a 1967 movie"
    A - Mrs Robinson.

    Song,Slogans and Sayings - Answer the following Questions

    1.SSS - Name the 1976 movie that Robert da Niro ad- lipped the ledgendary "Are you talking to me speach"
    A - Taxie Driver
    2.SSS - In what 1986 movie does a metor named eddie teach his prosege Vincent that money money won is twice as sweet as miney earned?
    A - The colour of Money
    3.SSS - What 2004 comedy uses the tagline "He just landed the gig of his life: 5th grade"?
    A - School of Rock
    4.SSS - What 1986 movies started with the line "I was twelve going on thirteen the first time i saw a dead human being"?
    A - Stand by Me.
    5.SSS - What Gwenth Paltrow movie had the taglin "True love is worth the weight"?
    A - Swallow Hal

    Songs ,Slogans and Sayings - Answer the following Questions

    1.SSS – Name the 1997 British film that was that was narrated for best picture and carried the tagline “The years most revealing comedy”
    A – The Full Monty
    2.SSS – What 1999 sci-fi spoof carried the tagline “The show has been cancelled but the adventure is just beginning ”
    A – Galaxy Quest
    3.SSS – What 1988 film has a character nicknamed “Nuke” lamenting, “Why’s he calling me “Meat”? I’m the one driving a Porsche”
    A – Bull Durman
    4.SSS – Private eye Sam Spade hunts for “the stuff that dream are made of” in what noir mystery movie
    A – The Maltese Falcon
    5.SSS – In a 1999 movie Malcolm asks “How often do you see them” Cole responds “All the time there everywhere” what are they referring to?
    A – Dead People

    Songs ,Slogans and Sayings - Answer the following Questions

    1.SSS - What 2004 comedy indroduced the product chant " Vapoozise!"?
    A - Envy
    2.SSS - What actor growled the ironic line "You can't handle the truth" in the 1992 courtroom scene?
    A - Jack Nicholson
    3.SSS - Name the Will Farrel and Chris Katton "Saturday Night Live" spin off movie with the tagline "Score"
    A - A night at Roxbury
    4.SSS - What 1998 movie has a voluptuos femme fatale telling her husband "Ive love you more than any women ever loved a rabbit"?
    Answer - Who framed Roger Rabbit
    5.SSS - Name the movie in which an Aunt tells her nephew "You do to much. Collage, a job, all this time with me your not Superman you know"
    A - Spider-Man

    Star Trailers - Name the Star

    1.Q - My uncle Alberts laughter is contagious
    When the wind changes direction i must leave.
    Im an pracitcally prefect in everyway.
    My umbrella does more than block the rain.
    Answer - Mary Poppins
    2.Q - Some people consider me a stone
    But id rather drink White Russians
    And bowl with Walter and Donnie
    And try and track down a stollen rug that really ties the room togther.
    Answer - The Dude
    3.Q - My guitar playing is timeless.
    My pinciple at Vally High thinks im a slacker.
    My parents also went to Vally High in 1955.
    I helped them fall in love with enchanted under the sea dance.
    Answer - Marty Mc Fly
    4.Q - Treasure hunting is a hobby of mine.
    My day job is teach archaeology to students
    I found the Arc of Convent before the Nazies could get it
    My final crusade was find the "Holy Grail"
    Answer - Indiana Jones
    5.Q - I have my own dective acency
    I have lots of pets
    I tracked down a dophin called snowflake
    And when Natura called i found a scared Bat of Wachati Wachootoo Tribe
    Answer - Ace Ventura

    Star Trailers - Name the Star

    Star Trailers
    1. Q - I helmed a honking vw with no brakes
    ... just to get my daughter in the Little Miss Sunshine Pageant
    My nine step refuse to lose program flopped
    but I believe losers are winners who gave up
    Answer - Richard
    2. Q- I am a killing machine
    with a forgotten past
    I used to work for the US Government
    as part of the CIA's Operation Treadstone
    Answer - Jason Bourne
    3. Q - I was first Marveled at in 1966
    I am an astronomer from the planet Zenn-La
    You may also know me as Norrin Radd
    I traveled the air waves on my board
    Answer The Silver Surfer
    4. Q - I am a lover and a fighter
    I am a true heavyweight in the ring
    I faced Mason The Line Dixon in my later years
    Answer - Rocky Balboa
    5. Q - I served time but I didn't do the crime
    Some people know me only as the Spaniard
    After killing his father Commodus had my wife and son murdered as well
    Answer - Maximus Decimus Meridus

    Take 3 - Name actor or actress from the clues.

    1.Clues - Rushmore - A heart huckabees - Shopgirl
    Answer - Jason Schwartzman
    2.Clues - From here to Eternity - Bird man of Alcataz - Alantic City
    Answers - Burt Lancaster
    3.Clues - Lost in America - Mother - Defending Your Life
    Answers - Albert Brooks
    4.Clues - Blow - Mystery Men - Big top Pee Wee
    Answers - Paul Reubens
    5.Clues - Annie - The Four Seasons - Between Friends
    Answers - Carol Burnett.

    Take 3 - Name actor or actress from the clues.

    1. Clues – Michelle Pfeifer – Earth Kitt – Lee Meriwether
    Answer – Catwomen
    2. Clues – Katharine Hepburn – Humphrey Bogart – I dilapidated sailboat
    Answer – The African Queen
    3. Clues – The Bowler – Mr Furious – The Spleen
    Answers – Mystery Men
    4. Clues – Emilio Estevez – Kiefer Sutherland – Charlie Sheen
    Answer – Young Guns
    5. Clues – Bud White – Ed Exley – Jack Vincennes
    Answer - La Confidential

    Take 3 - Name actor or actress from the clues.

    1. Clues - John Travolta – Kirstie Alley – The voice of Bruce Willis
    Answer - Look Who’s Talking
    2. Clues - Time travel – Genetically enhanced frogs – Tiny
    Answers - Meet The Robinsons
    3. Clues - A Close Shave – The Wrong Trousers – A Grand Day Out
    Answers - Wallace and Gromit
    4. Clues - $40,000 – A motel – A shower
    Answers - Psycho
    5. Clues - E. Annie Proulx – Ang Lee – Heath Ledger
    Answers - Brokeback Mountain

    Take 3 - Name actor or actress from the clues.

    1. Clues - Strangers on a Train - A creative writing class - A "Flinstones carwash"
    Answer - Throw Momma from the Train
    2. Clues - Jeanie - Sloane - Cameron
    Answer - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    3. Clues- 1999 movie - Mr. Jingles - "Old Sparky"
    Answer - The Green Mile
    4. Clues- Out-of-work movie actors - Mexican banditos - A plethora of piñatas
    Answer - ¡Three Amigos!
    5. Clues- Cher - Winona Ryder - Christina Ricci
    Answer - Mermaids

    Take 3 - Name actor or actress from the clues.

    1. Clues- A hand-crafted boat - A flood - Steve Carrell
    Answer - Evan Almighty
    2. Clues - Mashed potatoes - Devil's Tower - Roy Neary
    Answer - Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    3. Clues - A jailbreak - Infant quintuplets - Stolen huggies
    Answer - Raising Arizona
    4. Clues - A lackluster game of golf - A spirited hockey videogame - "Vegas, baby!"
    Answer - Swingers
    5. Clues - Barry B. Benson - Vanessa - Honey
    Answer - Bee Movie

    Take 3 - Name actor or actress from the clues.

    1. Clues - John Cusack - Daphne Zuniga - Nicollette Sheridan
    Answer - The Sure Thing
    2. Clues - A record store - Bruce Springsteen - Jack Black
    Answers - High Fidelity
    3. Clues - A bloody message - A mysterious cryptex - An albino monk assassin
    Answers - The Da Vinci Code
    4. Clues - An airplane engine - The end of the world - A bunny costume
    Answer - Donnie Darko
    5. Clues - Opposing kingdoms - The Queen of Light - Circus entertainers
    Answer - MirrorMask

    Take 3 - Name actor or actress from the clues.

    1.Clues - Sing'in in the Rain - Xanadu - An American in Paris
    Answer - Gene Kelly
    2.Clues - Foul Play - Wildcats - Death becomes her
    Answer - Goldie Hawn
    3.Clues - Heathers - Edward Scissorhands - Realaity Bites
    Answer - Winona Ryder
    4.Clues - Scream 2 - I know what you did last summer - The Grudge
    Answer - Sarah Mechille Keller
    5.Clues - Roman Holiday - Sabrina - Funny Face
    Answer - Audrey Hepburn

    Credit Roll - Name the movie.

    1.NamesK Billy DJ – Steven Wright
    Written and Directed by - Quentin Tarantino
    “Stuck in the middle with you” preformed by – Stealers Wheels
    Nice Guy Eddie – Chris Penn
    Mr Orange/Freddy Newwandyke – Tim Roth
    Answer – Reservoir Dogs
    2.Names Based on a book by – P.D James
    Baby Diego – Juan Yacuzzi
    Kee – Claire Hope Ashitey
    Directed by – Alfonso Cuaron
    Julian – Julianne Moore
    Answer – Children of Men
    3.Names Arab Swordsman – Terry Richards.
    Story by – George Lucas and Phillip Kaufman
    Marion – Karen Allen
    Directed by – Steven Spielberg
    Belloq – Paul Freeman
    Answer – Raiders of the Lost Ark
    4.NamesDirected by – Victor Fleming
    Based on Novel by – L Frank Baum
    Winged Monkey – Harry Cogg
    Professor Marvel – Frank Morgan
    Toto – Terry
    Answers – Wizard of Oz
    5.Names – Score Vocals preformed by – Lisa Gerrard
    Chariots and Horses provided by – Carrozona, Rome
    Juba – Djimon Hounsou
    Directed by – Ridley Scott
    Commandos – Joaquin Phoenix
    Answer – Gladiator

    Credit Roll - Name the movie.

    1 Names - Senior Puppet Master - Jack Gootnick
    Prints by - Mc Escher
    Voice of Hoggle - Brian Henson
    Dirtected By - Jim Henson
    Answer- Labyrinth
    2 Names - Colonel Lucus - Harrison Ford
    Directed By - Francis Ford Coppola
    Captain Willard - Martin Sheen
    Based on Noval "Heart of Darkness by - Joseph Conrad
    Answer- Apocalpyse Now
    3.Names - Coach Calhoun - Sid Carsar
    Frechy - Didi Conn
    School Dropout - Frankie Avalon
    Sandy - Oliiva Newton-John
    Answer- Grease
    4.Names - Written By - Kevin Williamson
    Principle Himbry - Henry Winkler
    Casey - Drew Barrymoore
    Directed by - Wes Craven
    Gale Weathera - Courteney Cox
    Answer - Scream

    Credit Roll - Name the movie.

    1.Names - Carl - John Kapelos
    Writen and Directed by - John Hughes
    Claire Sandish - Molly Ringwald
    Answer - The Breakfast club
    2.Names - Billy - Lenardo DiCapiro
    Directed by - Martin Scorsese
    Queenan - Martin Sheen
    Digman - Mark Wahlberg
    Based on the Motion pictures - Infernal Affairs
    Answers - The Departed
    3. Names - Barbette - Mary Jane Bergman
    Stove - Brian Cummings
    Maurice - Rex Everhart
    Mrs Potts - Angela Lansbury
    Answer - Beauty and the Beast
    4.Names - Ram - Patrick Labyorteaux
    Teenage Suicide "Dont do it" preformed by - Big Fun
    Martha Dunstruck - Carrie Lynn
    Jason JD Dean - Cristian Slater
    Answer - Heathers
    5. Names - Vegas Waitress - Stephanie Ittleson
    Lorraine - Heather Graham
    Directed by - Dung Liman
    Derby Bond - Big Fat Voodoo Daddy
    Answers - Swingers

    Credit Roll - Name the movie.

    1.Names - Colonel Brandon - Alan Rickman
    Directed by - Ang Lee
    Edward Farrars - Hugh Grant
    Screenplay by - Emma Tompson
    Answer - Sense and Sensibility
    2.Names - Directed by - Tony Scott
    Elvis/Mentor - Val Kilmer
    Written by - Quentin Tarantino
    Floyde (Dick Roomate) - Brad Pitt
    Answer - True Romance
    3.Names - Warden Hal Moore's - James Cromwell
    Based on a Noval by - Steven King
    Writen for screenplay and Directed by - Frank Darabont
    Mr Jingles Provided by - Boons Animals for Hollywood
    Answer - The Green Mile
    4.Names -Chief Bromden - Will Sampson
    Directed by - Milos Forman
    Martini - Danny De Vito
    Based on a Noval by - Ken Kasey
    Answer - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    5.Names - Detective Avery - Whoopi Goldberg
    Directed by - Robert Altmen
    June Gudmundsdottir - Greta Scacchi
    Himself - John Cussack
    Answer - The Player

    Now playing – Name the movie

    1. Poster – Clouds, Boat, Leonardo DiCaprio
    A – Titanic
    2. Poster – White background, Nicolas Cage
    A – Adaptation
    3. Poster - Orange background, Hand, Rose
    A – American Beauty
    4. Poster – White background, black line, Steve Martin , John Candy
    A - Planes, Trains & Automobiles
    5. Poster – Planet, flames , hand
    A – War of the Worlds

    Now playing – Name the movie

    1.Poster - Watch Your back - 3 Girls in pink - 1 Girl in red top
    A - Mean Girls
    2.Poster - Church - Some white text - Girl - Car
    Answer - My Cousin Vinny
    3.Poster - Blue - Stick man with gun - Spike Lee
    A - Do the right thinG
    4.Poster - Black white circle in center - Shadow - Women
    A - Moonstruck
    5.Poster - Black -Head will Roll - Horse - Ricci
    A - Sleepy Hollow

    Invisbles - Name the movie.

    1. Pictures - Coat with hat no head
    Answer - Back to School
    2. Pictures - Pink clothes and Glasses
    Answer - Superstar
    3. Pictures - Mexican, Pepe Y Flor
    Answer - Desperado
    4. Pictures - Green Football Shirt Number 23
    Answer - BlacK Knight
    5. Pictures - Baseball Player
    Answer - Eight Man Out

    Invisbles - Name the movie.

    1.Pictures - Headless man on stairs woth chair lege around him.
    Answer - The Money Pit
    2. Pictures - Colourfully shirt throughing dog.
    Answer - There something about Mary
    3.Pictures - Smarty dressed man in converse shoes.
    Answer - American Pie
    4. Pictures - Three solders
    Answers - Animal House
    5. Pictures - Man with head phones.
    Answers - Hustle & Flow

    Invisibles - Whats missing from the scene?

    1.Pictures - Two people kissing on a table (Sixteen Candles)
    Answer - A Birthday Cake
    2.Pictures - Boy in barn like building with door infront of him (ET)
    Answer - Alien
    3.Pictures - Man at night in the sea (Jaws)
    Answer - Buoy
    4.Pictures - Dusty Bridge (Speed)
    Answer - Bus
    5.Pictures - Women looking out of window (Waynes World)
    Answer - Electric Guitar

    Invisibles - Whats missing from the scene?

    1.Pictures - Beach with seagulls (The Karate Kid)
    Answer - Daniel Larusso
    2.Pictures - Fury Thing (Back the to Future)
    Answer - Lisence Plate
    3.Pictures - Space Ship (Close encousers of the thirds kind)
    Answer - Devils Tower
    4.Pictures - Hand/Glove (Breakfast Club)
    Answer - Earing
    5.Pictures - Wilson football (Castaway)
    Answer - Wilson Face

    Invisibles - Name the movie.

    1.Picture – Women in crap position.
    Answer – Flashdance
    2. Picture – Man in mask, someone sat in chair with something over his face.
    Answer – Brazil
    3. Picture – Man in white suit on motorbike.
    Answer – An officer and a Gentlemen
    4. Picture – Man in cream shirt in office.
    Answer – Office Space
    5. Picture – Plant, someone with towel around them
    Answer – E.T

    Invisibles - Whats missing from the scene?

    1.Picture - Beach - Horse (Planet of the Aps)
    Answer - Statue or Liberty
    2.Picture - Eletric Cable on fire (Meet the parents)
    Answer- Wooden Alter
    3.Picture - White car - Black car with flames (Greese)
    A - Lightning Bolts
    4.Pictures - Boy with long hair (Benny and Joon)
    Answer - Hat
    5.Picture - Man on sky (The Truman Show)
    Answer - Sail Boat

    Final Cut – Philadelphia

    1. Q - What is the profession of Tom Hanks character?
    A. Lawyer
    2. Q - Who plays Tom Hanks’ partner in this movie?
    A. Antonio Banderas
    3.Q - Who directed this film?
    A. Jonathan Demme
    4.Q - Name the two musicians who received Oscar nominations for Original Song for this movie.
    A. Bruce Springsteen & Neil Young

    Final Cut - Broadcast News

    1. Q - According to Jane who is quailified to do the job?
    A - Aaron
    2. Q - Who directed the film?
    A - James L. Brooks.
    3. Q - In what year was this movie released?
    A - 1987
    4. Q - Holly Hunter was cast two days before shooting to replace which actress?
    A - Debra Winger

    Final Cut - Raising Arizona

    1.Q - Name the two actors in this scence
    A - Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter
    2.Q - What does Edwina tell H.I not to do around the baby?
    A - Cuss
    3.Q - What is the title of the Childcare manual that H.I later refers to as instructions
    A - Dr Spooks baby and Child Care
    4.Q - For what film does Nicolas Cage win his first Acadmy Award?
    A- Leaving Las Vegas

    Final Cut - Get Shorty

    1. Q - What is the name of John Tarvalotas Character?
    A - Chilli Plamer
    2.Q - What is the name of the man that Leo will be dealing with now?
    A - Ray "Bone"
    3.Q - What is the name of the 2005 sequel to the movie?
    A - Be cool
    4.Q - How much is in the bag?
    A - $310,000

    Final Cut - Broadcast News - Shrek

    1. Q – Who provides the voice for Princess Fiona in this movie?
    A – Cameron Diaz
    2. Q – Which of the following characters did not appear in the first Shrek Moive
    A – Puss in Boots
    3. Q – How many Oscars did this film win?
    A – One
    4. Q – Name the evil character, voiced by John Lithgow who excels all the fairy tale beings from Durloc
    A – Lord Farquaad

    Final Cut - Jaraissic Park

    1.Q - Who directed this films?
    A - Steven Spielberg
    2.Q - There are multiples of what type of Dinosaur in this scene
    A- Gallimimus
    3.Q - In what year was thie movie released?
    A - 1993
    4.Q - Who plays Dr. Ian Malcolm in this movie?
    A - Jeff Goldblum

    Final Cut- Cast Away

    1.Q - According to chuck how fast was the plane flying?
    A - about 475
    2.Q - Name the director of this movie?
    A - Robert Zemeckis
    3.Q -What movie did Tom Hanks win his first movie in?
    A -Philadelphia
    4.Q - What is the numerical value of pi?
    A -3.14

    Final Cut - The Birds (One Answer missing will try to find it)

    1. Q - Who directed this film
    A - Alfred Hitchcock
    2. Q - Name the actress in this scene
    A - Tippi Hendren
    3. Q - How many horses are pulling the cart of vegetables in this scene
    A - Two
    4. Q - Missing Question!
    In what year was this movie released - 1963
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