I got tired of the game's lack of creativity for trophy challenges so I made up some of my own. I really think with a couple of hours of brainstorming, and a few extras to the game it could have had enough challenges to earn a Platinum.

Bitchin' Camaro
Break Lucas Lee's Camaro with 15 or more seconds remaining.
[name of a song by a pretty old garage band, Dead Milkmen]

You light my fire
Light all the torches in Chengdu Gardens.
[trying to play off the relationship Roxie and Ramona had]

Resident Graveyard
Throw 13 zombies into open graves.
[if you don't get it, do your video game history]

Coin Collector
Collect a total of $1000.00 on Subspace Highway stages.
[i felt there was a lack of interest in doing these levels]

Give 'em a hand, a leg, and a forehead
Defeat 25 enemies by throwing an enemy at them.
[just funny as hell to do]

Don't get hit by any blood drops inside Gideon's Subspace Highway.
[because that is actually a pretty hard thing to do]

Helping Hand
KO a boss with a striker attack.
[rubbing it in their face is, alternate idea was to only use strikers to hit them]

Four Man Army
Clear the game on Supreme Master difficulty with 4 players.
[logical gold trophy]

Knives Chau DLC

Get a game over as Knives Chau when fighting Gideon.
[more of a reference to the film as she failed to defeat Gideon in it, I haven't gotten that far in the comic]