Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Nope
Estimated Time to Platinum: 70+ Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 is required, subsequent playthroughs are optional
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies


  • Game Overs: Game overs do not force you to replay from the last save. You simply return to the academy.
  • Magichange: The humanoid character and monster must be in the same club in order to magichange together. The magichange weapon depends on the monster and can be found out through checking its status.
  • Stealing: Use any of Stealing Hand, Plunder Hand, Cha-Ching, Bandit's Hand, Awesome Hand on the enemy you want to steal from. If your thief is higher level than the enemy, the higher the chance of stealing.
  • Easy Trapezohedrons (Traps): Steal from enemies in the Raspberyl story arc. You can get a lot, so stock up on Awesome Hands before starting each stage.
  • Movement Trap: Fully leveled legendary Trap with 3 Movement bills passed.
  • Attack Trap: Fully leveled legendary Trap with 3 More ATK Growth bills passed with 8x19998 Gladiators
  • Land of Carnage (LoC): Finish at least 25 X-Dimension maps. X-Dimension maps can be obtained by beating the pirate captains or finding illegal ticket vendors in the Item World. Note that each type of pirate will only carry 1 ticket (i.e. Defeating Sports Pirates the first time will give you 1 ticket; all subsequent encounters with them will not give you more tickets)
  • Useful units to have:
    • Masked Hero and Moths can move directly through enemies.
    • Tier 6 male fighters have a unique skill named Fight Shot that increases the ATK of other characters by 100%.
    • Thieves have a unique skill named Thief's Key which unlocks any treasure chest (very useful for LoC chests)

  • Reincarnation: The cost of reincarnation increases every time on generic characters while the cost remain constant for unique characters

[top]Item World Tips

  • Preparations: At least 2 Masked Heroes with fists as weapons and know Triple Strike and Final Arts
    • Scenario 1: No Gatekeeper - Run to the dimension gate.
    • Scenario 2: Gatekeeper - Run beside the gatekeeper and use either skill to move him if you can't beat him. Use your other Masked Hero to run to the dimension gate.

  • Go into every mystery gate to increase your chance of increasing the ending level of your item.
  • Level Spheres must be lifted up before you end the stage either by running to the dimension gate or defeating all the enemies. Note that heading into a mystery gate will not work
  • Having more members in the PPP club increases the chance of encountering pirates
  • Rank 40 weapon (ultimate weapons) cannot be found. They can only be stolen from Item God 2 in LoC on the 100th floor of a rank 39 weapon. See Equipment Guide below for a strategy in getting them.

[top]Class World Tips

  • You will need a character in the club - Student Council - to get into Class World
  • Going into a lvl 1 ally is infinitely easier than going into a lvl 9999 ally
  • Defeating dropouts and the class president will increase the aptitudes of the host
  • If you clear all the geo blocks on stage 10, you will spawn a mystery gate that will either include a:
    • Prinny: teaches legendary skills
    • Masked Hero: increases the size of your the host's club

[top]Capturing an Enemy

  • Mao's level has to be to or greater than the enemy you want to capture.
  • You have to be able to create the enemy you want to capture.
  • Make sure you have a strong characters in your base panel before tossing the enemy in

[top]Power Levelling Guide

  • Clubs unlocked: Corner Res. Group, Honor Students, True Robbers Shop, Student Council, School Board (choose King Drake III)
  • Maps unlocked: 7-3 and House of Ordeals map 4 (HoO4)
  • Equipment needed: 8x300 Statistician on at least 3 pieces of equipment (see Equipment Guide below)
  • Skill needed: Big Bang (boosted as many times as you need) - If the character you're using (I'm going to use Mao) doesn't have Big Bang, put him in the same club as another character that has it, then get 48000 mana on Mao and go through his Class World. On stage 9, go into the mystery gate and teach him the skill.
Step 1: Equip Mao with a fist weapon and the Statistician equipment and place him in a corner while he's in the Corner Res. Group. Place 2 other characters that you want to level adjacent to him while they're in the Honor Students club.

Step 2a: If Mao is weak, go to 7-3 with exactly 4 Stronger Enemy Bills (SEB) passed. The enemy becomes lvl 99, but give experience as if they are lvl 300. Use Big Bang on the enemies.

Step 2b: If Mao is strong, go to HoO4 and grind on that map. Pass SEBs whenever you feel you can beat stronger enemies.

Step 3: Whenever Mao reaches lvl 9999, reincarnate him as a Genius and put all the additional attribute points into the ATK stat.

Step 3.5 (Optional but suggested): Put Mao into the True Robbers Club and use an adjacent character to get some mana for Mao. Then go to Mao's Class World and improve whatever you want (Improving movement is suggested followed by throwing range and critical chance). Do this as much as you want or reach the cap for this reincarnation.

Step 4: Repeat

For more in-depth information on power leveling and stat maximization, please visit this link

[top]Equipment Guide

  • Clubs unlocked: Student Council
  • Puppy Paw Stick (PPS) ~ obtained through finishing all the Diez Gentlemen side quests or steal from Gardening Pirates
  • Any equipment you want to dupe
  • Pirate Ship
Step 1: You will occasionally find pirates in the Item World over stage 20. Stay on the map for a turn or two and if the screen flashes red, you'll know that pirates are coming. Eliminate all the enemies on the map while you have at least 1 character on the ship the pirates came on to steal it.

Step 2: Reverse pirate any item and look for a Statistician and legendary rank 39 items (see link below for the items).

Step 3: After getting your first Statistician comes the long part. Equip the statistician on any piece of equipment you want to dupe (I suggest a lvl 200 Trap or Barefoot X ~ I'm going to use a Trap) to a lvl 1 character.

Step 4: Equip Mao with the PPS and go into the lvl 1 character's Class World and look for dropouts. Whenever you see a dropout, kill it with any attack Mao has (melee/range does not matter) and hope for the dupe. Continue duping and transfer the Statistician to the Trap and combine them. Note that 300 is the max for Statistician.

Step 5: Keep on getting more and more until you have the number of innocents you want.

Obtaining Rank 40 Weapons: Go to floor 99 of a rank 39 and use a Mr.Gency Exit to leave. Then go to LoC and go into the Item World from there and make a dash to floor 100. Steal the rank 40 weapon from the Item God 2. Note to save before heading into the Loc Item World and to have a lvl 9999 thief ready to steal.

Useful links to consult:
Innocents List
Item Chart ~ Credit to Prometheusx303
For a very in-depth guide on item maximization and duplicating, please visit this link ~Credit to Prometheusx303 and Kylain

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

You can unlock the Parallel Wonder before you beat the game by inputting:

This must be done while your cursor is pointing at Continue


Step 1: Finish the main story
The main story of Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention consists of 7 chapters each with 6 - 8 stages in each area. Each stage isnít very long nor difficult as long as youíre consistently getting new equipment and learning skills. Finishing this step will net you at least:
  • A Single Step
  • Ch.1 Netherworld Honor Student Complete
  • Ch.2 Mao's Heart Complete
  • Ch.3 The Freshmen Leader! Complete
  • Ch.4 Almaz the Hero Complete
  • Ch.5 Grand War Complete
  • Ch.6 The Reckoning Complete
  • Ch.7 An Eye for an Eye Complete
  • Finale Complete
Step 2: The Long Walk
I call this the Long Walk step as there is no way around it. This is Disgaea. The thing about Disgaea is the requirement of levelling your characters to 9999 again and again and again until your base stats are in the millions.

The first thing you should do is play the Raspberyl story arc to get your easy Traps. Afterwards, you should level a bit first and try to upgrade your perfect Trap. While going through the Trap's Item World, you should be able to steal a pirate ship (The War Galleon) and go into every mystery room to try to get some of the Item World trophies:
  • Item Spelunker
  • Trophy Shopper
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Kneel Before Cat God!
  • I Had an Axeldent!
Next up, reverse pirate until you get your statisticians and begin power leveling (refer to Tips). Continue until you have characters with stats in the millions. I chose Laharl as my main character and he had base stats of ~1.2 million ATK and 198% ATK aptitude. You should be getting your rank 40 weapons near the end of this step and be able to deal ~100 million damage using a special attack. By the end of this step, you should have:
  • Raspberyl Version Complete
  • Majin Academy Complete
  • Eryngi Baal Slayer
  • IWCA Flyweight Champion
  • Commando King
  • Survival Class: Passed
  • Mega Damage!
  • Giga Damage!
Step 3: The real endgame
This is the real endgame of Disgaea. Your characters are all dealing millions of damage with special attacks and should have some rank 40 weapons and Attack Traps. The first thing you should do is finish up PE Teacher Destroyer. Follow that up by going into stage 20 of any item to attempt for Reverse Pirates! Your Treasure is Mine! , Reverse Pirates! I Shall Take Your Innocents! , Reverse Pirates! Everything is Mine! . Finish up this step with Tera Damage! .

Step 4: Clean-Up
Finish the game with any remaining trophies you didn't get yet

Step 5: Sync the Platinum


Platinum Trophy
Congratulations on getting all the trophies!

Congratulations on your new !! Now enjoy it!!

Item Spelunker
Congratulations on reaching the 100th floor! You're on the right track to become a hardcore player!

Select any legendary item and go from floor 1 to 100 in a single trip. Be careful after every 10th level as you may not go to innocent town every single time and may be asked if you want to return to HQ. Going back to the academy is a default option, so slow down and be careful.

Refer to the Item World Tips if you are struggling.

Trophy Shopper
I've been waiting for you in this Mystery Room!

She can be found in the Item World as early as level 61 in a Mystery Room.

Reaching the 100th Carnage!

Go to the Item World in the Land of Carnage and select any legendary item and go from floor 1 to 100 in a single trip. Be careful after every 10th level as you may not go to innocent town every single time and may be asked if you want to return to HQ. Going back to the academy is a default option, so slow down and be careful.

Refer to the Item World Tips if you are struggling.

A Single Step
Welcome to Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention!We welcome new and returning players alike! Enjoy!

Start a new game and ding! Your first trophy in the game.

Ch.1 Netherworld Honor Student Complete
I am indeed the No.1 Honor Student!

Simply complete every stage in the first chapter:
  1. Tutorial 1
  2. Tutorial 2
  3. Tutorial 3
  4. Strongest Entrance
  5. Strongest Hallway
  6. Strongest Garden
  7. Strongest Crossroad
  8. Strongest Overlord

Ch.2 Mao's Heart Complete
I was supposed to pour salt and pepper on it, instead of hot sauce!

Simply complete every stage in the second chapter:
  1. Tutorial 4
  2. Tutorial 5
  3. Tutorial 6
  4. Childhood Memories
  5. Heart Vault
  6. Dragon's Rest
  7. Cooking Corridor
  8. Home Ec. Kitchen
  9. Grudgeful Memory
  10. Heart Vault

Ch.3 The Freshmen Leader! Complete
Boss! Boss! Boss!

Simply complete every stage in the third chapter:
  1. Blazing Firestorm
  2. Student Chaos
  3. Thrill
  4. Threatful Abuse
  5. Nightmare Days
  6. Forceful Education
  7. Board Conspiracy
  8. Assault! PTA

Ch.4 Almaz the Hero Complete

Simply complete every stage in the fourth chapter:
  1. Freezing Soul
  2. Chaotic Chill
  3. Eternal Teardrop
  4. Murderous Intent
  5. Psycho Room
  6. Futile Revenge
  7. Heart Vault

Ch.5 Grand War Complete
Hot Hot Sensitive Tongue Slash! Kiiiiiaaaaahhhhh!

Simply complete every stage in the fifth chapter:
  1. No Running Hallway
  2. Organized Corridor
  3. Audio-Visual Room
  4. Chain Death Battle
  5. Rotten Grudge
  6. Victims' Ecstasy
  7. Waking Nightmares
  8. Captain's Location

Ch.6 The Reckoning Complete

Simply complete every stage in the sixth chapter:
  1. Evil Mind Vortex
  2. Howl of Agony
  3. Heart Vault
  4. Legendary School
  5. Vile Voodoo Doll
  6. Pool of Bloody Tears
  7. Cruel Destiny Plan

Ch.7 An Eye for an Eye Complete
Gimme an autograph later!

Simply complete every stage in the seventh chapter:
  1. Hearty Comeuppance
  2. Unsated Thirst
  3. Corpse Eaters
  4. Grieving Death Knell
  5. Wandering Hunter
  6. Death's Path

Finale Complete
I will...become the Overlord!

Simply complete every stage in the finale chapter:
  1. Super Hero's Requiem
  2. Super Hero's Apostle
  3. Super Hero's Desire
  4. Last Battle

Raspberyl Version Complete
You all graduate, today!

Post-game, talk to the Parallel Wonder in the academy and finish the Raspberyl story arc

Majin Academy Complete
I shall take over this Academy!

Post-game, talk to the Parallel Wonder in the academy and finish the Majin Academy story arc

Eryngi Baal Slayer
I'm not going to get my "a" back?

Post-game, keep talking to different NPCs in the academy to begin unlocking extra maps. Each map will need to be passed as a bill in Homeroom before you can actually play it. Continue getting and finishing these extra maps until you get to play on a map called Tyrant Overlord. Fight and defeat Eryngi Baal for this trophy.

If you are struggling to beat him, refer to the levelling section in the Tips section.

PE Teacher Destroyer
It's always been a dream to defeat a PE teacher...

This will be one of the last trophies you will get and it's after unlocking most of the content in the game. This fight will be automatically unlocked after you finish the following maps:
  • All the extra maps ~ Note that Eryngi Baal is the final extra map
  • All the Diez Gentlemen maps ~ Note you do not have to recruit them, so don't start a new cycle
  • All of the recruitment maps
  • Raspberyl story arc
  • Majin Academy story arc
  • Unlock the Angel class through Item World Command Attack (see IWCA Flyweight Champion below)
  • Unlock Aramis through Class World Command Attack (see Commando King below)
  • Unlock Plenair in Survival Mode (see Survival Class: Passed below)
The fight with Tyrant Baal is no easy feat and requires a lot of preparation. The most important thing is the ability to deal at least 100 million damage in one hit with 1 - 2 characters. If you can't, refer to the Tips section on how to achieve this. Tyrant Baal has an evility Tyrant Cult. This protects him from damage equal to the number of Baals on the stage at the time. So at the beginning, you will need to hit him 3 times before he will actually start taking damage. Note that misses DO NOT count towards this.

Toggle Spoiler

Now, make sure the fourth attack is enough to finish him off or bring out more characters to help finish him off. Use Fight Shot or Braveheart to boost your ATK.

Toggle Spoiler

After the first Baal is defeated, take 2 characters from the base panel to lift up the other 2 Baals. Note this WILL get them killed. On your second turn, you will only need to hit the remaining Baals 2 times before doing damage. Focus fire on one of them. If you have enough strong characters, attack the other Baal with a weak character first then finish him off, if not continue reading. Now, with the assumption that you didn't win on your second turn, 1 Omega Sentinel and 1 Baal will spawn at the enemy panel. They tend to like magichanging the turn of. Now, follow the same strategy to finish the stage. Note that even though Baal may be in magichange form, his Tyrant Cult is still in effect.

Shut Up Already!
I'll never stop talking!

Go to Homeroom and talk (just mash X) to a NPC (not the teacher) until the trophy pops.

Finger Flicking Good
Mooove! My fingers are on fire!!!

In the academy, use your finger (it can be any finger) and flick around Mao and the other NPCs until the trophy pops. I flicked them around 50 times before the trophy popped.

Shopping Spree
As a proud demon, I'll buy everything at the store!

Buy everything from the store in a single visit. If it doesn't come naturally because of HL issues, you can easily get this post-game when you will get Super HL per fight.

First Setback
That was just a warm. Now I'm ready to go!

Get a game over. Send 10 characters to their doom on any map.

Super Honor Student
The HQ at this school is truly amazing.

You will get this naturally as you play through the game. During Step 2 of the road map, youíll be grinding on map 7-3 or have unlocked HoO and be grinding on map 4. Each fight contributes a bit to HQ and just continue to grind on these maps until you get it. You'll need your HQ to be approx. 300. You can check this by opening the menu in game.

BGM Lover
How 'bout buying some music for a change?

When playing through Item World, youíll find Mystery Gates and sometimes come across the Music Shop. Just listen to any song 50 times and it will pop. Note that you donít have to listen to it completely nor does it have to be a different song; Just mash X.

IWCA Flyweight Champion
You are the Item World Champ!

You have to finish Item World Command Attack within 100 moves.

  • At least 7 Masked Heroes with full sets of max movement traps
  • 1 Caster with full sets max movement traps
  • At least 2 other characters with full sets of movement traps
Choose the Beginner level, so you wonít have to worry about taking damage. On each level, there will be event panels with the number of characters required to be on them to spawn the dimension gate. These are your runnersí job. Kill the command keeper on each level to -5 your total count. Note the levels get harder and harder with bigger maps and more characters being required to spawn the gate. If you are >100 commands on the stage 10, donít worry as the last command keeper gives -20 commands.

Note that you can unlock the Angel class if you finish this mode in under 145 commands, but strive to get this trophy at the same time.

Commando King
Now you're the Class World King!

You have to finish Class World Command Attack within 100 moves.

  • At least 7 Space Knights with Echo evility with fully boosted Fire/wind/Ice with full sets of movement Traps
  • Runners with full sets of movement Traps
  • Monsters with different bounce ranges
Choose the Beginner level, so you donít have to worry about taking damage. This is a very difficult trophy as it requires luck and skill and it took me a few tries to figure out a strategy. The Echo evility allows the Space Knight to sometimes double cast and you can abuse this. Whenever you cast, if you see two portraits instead one, then the double cast was successful ~ if thereís only one, then you can cancel the action and retry over and over. Now, try your hardest throw/bounce the count geo blocks to within the 3x3 square centered on the block with the highest number. This way, the double casted spells will take out all the other blocks adjacent to it while the centered block will last the longest and the double casts wonít be wasted.

In the picture below, I saw that the red 4 is the largest number that's not being covered by another geo block. This will take 4 attacks to destroy, so the first 4 portraits are from 2 Space Knights double casting a 3x3 square centered on the red 4. Not shown in the picture is a purple 4 hidden below the normal purple geo block, so technically it's a purple 5 in this case. The fifth portrait finishes it off.

Note that double casts only count as one command and will cancel if casted on a geo block that can be destroyed in one cast and NEVER choose end turn unless you're absolutely sure you cannot finish the stage in 1 turn. Command keepers are the same as the Item World Command Attack, so if youíre a bit over before finishing off the command keeper on stage 10, itís still fine.

You will also unlock Aramis as long as you finish within 100 moves.

Survival Class: Passed
You truly are the Survival Master!

You need to get to at least level 150 on survival mode.

Choose the Beginner level, so you donít have to worry about taking damage. Be careful of geo blocks as you canít heal every 10 levels and you cannot use your equipment. Follow the instructions given on each level or defeat every enemy on the level (whichever is easier) to spawn the dimension gate. Pick up level spheres whenever possible as when you get 7, you can enter a mystery gate to make a wish.

This is the method in which you get Plenair. Say you wish for the Mascot Character to unlock her recruitment.
All subsequent wishes should be Go to 30th Floor. This actually means skip 30 levels, not go back to level 30.

Note that event panels are not that helpful.
Also note that you need to finish the game by leaving and connecting to the rankings at least stage 150.

Omni Bonus!
It's only natural for a demon to take everything.

Get all the prizes from the bonus gauge by filling it with combos, attacks, and geo block destruction. If you are having trouble, simply wait until you are going for Combo No. 255 as it will fill up really quick.

As the World Turns
If it spins, it's only natural to want to spin it.

In the academy, hold down L or R until the trophy pops.

It's Da Bomb!
Playing with bombs in Homeroom? You're quite an honor student.

Buy a bomb from the Black Marketer accessed through Mystery Rooms in the Item World or get a bomb as a bonus prize and use it to bribe a Rep when you try to pass a bill.

The Shamshank Redemon
I'm just testing your loyalty.

In Homeroom, make 10 characters and then choose Punish Them in one visit. You can immediately choose Forgive Them after the trophy pops.

Playing Favorites
Aren't you happy to be surrounded by your favorite characters?

In Homeroom, make 10 characters in one trip.

Treasure Hunter
Don't your legs feel stronger from all that jumping?

In Item World, there will be a room with treasure chests on top of pillars. Get every chest to get this trophy. Note youíll need the Birdmen Watchers club obtained through a Mystery Gate to the Cat God which is also found in Item World. Youíll need to reach the top, talk to it, and leave to get the club

Kneel Before Cat God!
*blush* Oh, you can stand, meow.

In a mystery room in Item World, there will be a giant pillar in the middle. Carefully jump and navigate it to find the Cat God at the top. Note that Maoís jump height increases as he levels, so if you donít find it on your first visit, continue levelling and hope youíll get to the top next time.

Reverse Pirates! Your Treasure is Mine!
Reverse Pirates, yeah! All that treasure's just for me!

Toss all the treasure chests onto your pirate ship.

See Everything is Mine!

Reverse Pirates! I Shall Take Your Innocents!
Reverse Pirates, yeah! We're taking all the Innocents with us!

Toss all the innocents onto your pirate ship.

See Everything is Mine!

Reverse Pirates! Everything is Mine!
Reverse Pirates, yeah! Nothing is left in our wake...

The hardest trophy in the game (in my opinion). Toss all the treasure chests and innocents onto your pirate ship.

Preparations (VERY important):
  • Fully levelled characters (get 1 or 2 masked heroes) with full sets of movement Traps, increased movement and jump from Class World
  • Create monsters with different bounce ranges (as shown as the throw range). Try to make 2 Ė 3 monsters of each range with shoes or just equip/unequip the movement traps
  • War Galleon stolen from pirates in the Item World.
  • 2 Cheerleaders with maxed out Movement boost and Throw boost
Step 1: Save your game and enter on Stage 20

Step 2: Check your map Ė If you draw a straight line from your ship to the innocents and theyíre on separate islands (you canít run directly to them), reset until itís one island. If the island is very big, reset. If your characters canít run because enemies are blocking the path, reset.

Step 3: Dispatch the units you will be using to throw innocents in a 3x3 formation. Your first wave should be the 9 youíll be sending far and cast the Movement Boost on them with your cheerleader. Cancel one of them and dispatch your other cheerleader and cast the Throw Boost on your units. Now cancel all the units.

Step 4: Turn 1 Ė Go to the chests that are the closest to the innocents and carefully throw it towards a monster to have it bounce it on your ship. Then cancel the monster as bouncing doesnít count as an action. Be sure to send only 5 Ė 6 units all the way out and leave a few closer or in the base to swap with monsters. You should have at least half the chests on the ship at the end of this turn.

Step 5: Turn 2 Ė Follow the above strategy except for the cheerleader part. If they survived Turn 1, send them back to the base panel. At the end of this turn, you should have most of the chests and 2 - 3 innocents on the ship.

Step 6: Turn 3 Ė Follow the above strategy to get everything else onto the ship. Check to make sure you have ALL the innocents and treasure chests on the ship before ending your turn.

Step 7:
Sync the trophies

Note that your dispatched characters donít have to make it back on the ship, the level sphere has to make it to the ship, and you canít just subdue all the innocents. Use the picture below as reference for a good stage.

Toggle Spoiler

Mega Damage!
You gotta train! For starters, a million damage!

Do 1 000 000 damage to an enemy in one attack.

See Tera Damage!

Giga Damage!
More training! You can do more!

Do 100 000 000 damage to an enemy in one attack.

See Tera Damage!

Tera Damage!
Even more training! Good job!

Another tough trophy. Deal 10 billion damage to an enemy in one attack.
There are multiple methods going around on how to get this trophy. Personally, I prefer Method #1.

Method #1: (I tried doing this with as little effort as possible i.e. 1 playthrough + weak Magichange capture)

  • A unit with very high ATK aptitude (at least 190%) with full set of Attack Traps + Rank 40 Weapon with 8x19998 Gladiator
  • A Male fighter (Tier 6) with Fight Shot
  • A Magichange unit of the right weapon and in the same club as attacking unit (I used a Bastet for sword)
  • 6 Cheerleaders and Sapphire(if male character) ~ Make sure at least 1 has max Braveheart and max Critical Boost (2 different cheerleaders) and all them should have evility Lucky Song
  • Hero Prinny recruited and has Hellís Finest evility
  • Legendary Skill learned on attacking unit and fully upgraded
Step 1: Recruit and reincarnate Hero Prinny, so heíll be level 1.

Step 2: Go to his Class World and find a dropout.

Step 3: Cast Braveheart on Magichange monster. Magichange with your attacking character and cast Fight Shot and Critical Boost on him.

Step 4: Put Sapphire next to the attacker and dispatch any remaining cheerleaders to boost your stats.

Step 5: Use the legendary skill on the Prinny.

Note to only use Fight Shot AFTER Magichanging or the boost wouldnít be as great.
I had 31 million ATK on Laharl (after the boosts) + the attack went critical and I did ~10 billion damage to the Prinny.

Method #2: Flonne Reverse Healing (I personally don't like this method since Method #1 also works in synergy with making your super characters and you also get the Hero Prinny DLC for free)

Cross Fists as Friends
It's a story about a friendship born through fisticuffs.

Get at least 10 counter attacks. The number of counter attacks a character has is denoted with the red swords clashing on the character panel.

Method #1: Go to X-Dimension 1-1 (or any other map, but X-Dimension 1-1 works in synergy with Combo No. 255) ~ Kill everything around your base panel and make 2 weak Male fighters. Equip them Muscle items to boost their health and not their attack. Cast Counter Attack Boost on them and let one of them attack the other and hope for the best. You should also work on Combo No. 255 at this time as well.

Method #2: Post-game, you can recruit a character named Zetta with counter 9. You can go to his Class World and have him attack his dropout.

I prefer Method #1 since you have control over all the characters

Puzzle Master
Erase everything! Train that brain!

Clear geo panels with a chain of at least 5. You can get this easily in Item World. Make sure there are at least 5 blocks and with some patience and strategic arranging, you can easily get this trophy. Be patient as not every stage has 5+ geo chains. Note that it has to be ONE geo chain with no breaks in the middle. If you donít see chain 5 or higher, then it wonít work.

Bagelbear has found a map to get this trophy, but it is missable. Be sure to grab this on your first playthrough or youíll have to wait for a subsequent cycle to get this.

Map 3-7: Board Conspiracy with all the fake Raspberyls.
Method: Throw the conveniently located blue geo block onto the red panel and blow it up.

Master of the Chain
Do massive chains! Use your brain to the max!

This is for clearing geo blocks of at least chain 10 in ONE SINGLE chain. It can be easily done on stage 2-1. Rearrage them so the colors alternate Ė See picture below.

In the picture, I will toss a red block beside the red block at the end to start the chain. What I did here is a lot longer than 10, but I would make it as long as possible to prevent any accidents or miscounts. Note that you donít have to destroy every single geo block to get the trophy.

Hardcore Gamer!
Thanks for playing! But we suggest you take a break.

Play for 10 hours straight. Not as hard as it sounds as you can put your Vita in standby mode or go back to the Vita home screen as long as you donít exit the game (i.e. shut the Vita completely off, exit the game, or close the page by swiping the corner). Again, itís NOT a cumulative of 10 hours, itís 10 hours STRAIGHT.

I Got Gummed...
Why me...?

In the academy, youíll see a giant Prinny statue reading a book. Face it and mash X until you get hit by ABC gum.

10 Piece Combo Meal
Destroy your enemies with evil teamwork!

KILL an enemy with at least a combo of 11.

Make 5 Baciels and dispatch them for 1 turn. On the next turn, they can all attack twice, so set them up in a way that they can all hit the enemy. Note that they have an attack range like a gun. Make sure you place your uber character beside the enemy to finish it off so that attack will be the 11th.

(i.e. 2 (First Baciel) + 2 (Second) + 2 (Third) + 2 (Fourth) + 2 (Fifth) + 1 (Finishing Blow) = 11 )

Hop, Step, Jump
Isn't jumping sooo much fun?

Keep pressing O in the academy and jump until the trophy pops.

The Towertastic Ten
This is the epitome of a tower!

Teach any unit a Tower Attack. Move 9 other characters onto that unit and use the tower attack on an enemy.
Tower skills: Tower Swing, Tower Roller, Tower Bridge

I Had an Axeldent!
Axel never stops working! Even in the Item World!

You can find Axel in a mystery room in the Item World starting at floor 61. Simply talk to him and itíll pop.

Demon King: Have It Your Way
Force your will on them, like the demon your are!

When passing bills, youíll occasionally fail to pass them. Select Persuade By Force and beat all the the Reps that voted against you. Be careful if attempting this early game as some Reps are really high level, so remember to scout all of them before starting the vote. When you win the battle, the trophy pops.

Note that only Nay voters will have to be defeated.

Combo No. 255
I won't stop hitting until you stop getting up.

Have 2 characters stand in one spot and hit each other until their combo gets to 255. It is advised to use invincibility panels to prevent them from getting killed. See above - Cross Fists as Friends Method #1 for an alternate method.

Yay! You got a new ally!

Toss a monster onto the base panel to capture it. See the Tips section above if youíre unclear on how to capture a monster.

Transform! Yeah!

Magichange 5 times in 1 battle. See the Tips section above if you donít know how to magichange.

All-Pro Receiver
Let's cross this continent!

See Call Me Nacho Cinco!

Call Me Nacho Cinco!
We're going to outer space, baby!

This can be done at the very beginning of the game.
Start the video at 0:23 - credit goes to akumaomega, the creator of the video

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