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Online Trophies: Defiance , Against The Odds , Top Of The League? , Good Form , Hundred And Counting
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheat Codes Available
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-30 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectibles Trophies: No
Difficulty Trophies: Sparkly Clean
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Except for Sparkly Clean , all other trophies are not difficulty based so if you having trouble with any trophy you can set the difficulty to Amateur which will make the trophy much easier to get.
  • Use the rear touchscreen for scoring as you have a much better chance of scoring with it than if you were just using for scoring.
  • Use the Arena mode (while in the main menu, press to access it) to practice doing penalties, corners and improving your skills.


1: Miscellaneous Trophies
Start off by going after the easy trophies as most of them are very easy like In The Game and All My Own Work .

2: Career Mode
You'll be spending quite a long time on both the Player and Manager Career. While doing the Player Career, you should be able to get the accomplishment related trophies (Classy , Trait-or , Festive ) as well as Good Week! , Folklore and Fortress and in the Manager Career you should be able to get Great Month! , Challenging Schedule and Back To Back.

3: Tournaments
Just two trophies to get here (Cup Upset , Custom Sixty Four Winner ). Refer to the respective trophies on how to go about them.

4: Tour Bus
There's a very good reason why I didn't file Tour Bus under Miscellaneous Trophies and that is because you will have played in most of the stadiums by the time you have finished with the Career and Tournament trophies so it would pointless doing this trophy at the very start.

5: Online
This will be the most time consuming and difficult trophies mainly because of the sore losing rage quitters so you would most likely have to boost them except for Top Of The League? which you will have to boost. Hundred And Counting will definitely take some time to beat even if you boosted it while Good Form will be very hard to do legit.

6: Football Legend


Football Legend
Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)

Just get all other trophies to unlock the .

Pinpoint Accuracy
Score a goal using the screen (touchscreen) shot, or a rear touch pad shot

Just simply score a goal using the rear touchscreen and the trophy will pop after you scored.

Sharp Shooter
Score 50 goals using a touch shot

You should easily get this while you are working towards the especially if if you use the rear touchscreen for scoring. Just score using the rear touchscreen another 49 times and you will receive an easy .

Pressure is On
Score a penalty kick using a touch shot

To get a penalty during a match is very rare as the opposition don't tend to do slide tackles to get the ball off you so this trophy can be tricky to get as a result. You have two options; either just stand around in the oppositions penalty box with the ball and hope that one of the opposing players goes in for a slide tackle thus giving away a penalty or for a much easier way; play an exhibition match and let the match end in a draw and the game gives you an option to go into extra time, end the match as a draw or go into penalty's, obviously go for the latter option.

When you do manage to get a penalty, you will notice a small bar on the bottom right of the screen. Get as close to or on the green area of the bar and tap on the part of the goal you want to take your shot at (top corners are a safe bet) and hopefully you will score.

You Pointing at Me?
Make a successful direct pass using the touchscreen

When you have possession of the ball, just simply tap the player you want to pass the ball and when he receives the ball the trophy will pop

Thread the Needle
Make a successful through pass using the touchscreen

When you have possession of the ball, just tap on an open space of the pitch where there is a player nearby to do a touchscreen through ball and when he gains possession of the ball you will get the trophy.

Control the Open Space
Make a successful lob pass using the touchscreen in a match

Just like with You Pointing At Me? but instead of a tap on the screen, hold down your finger on the player you want to make a lob pass to and as long as he gets the ball you will receive yet another easy trophy.

Nimble Fingers
Score a touchscreen or rear touch pad goal from a touchscreen pass

Simple enough if you use touchscreen passes frequently. When you have possession of the ball try to get about halfway up the pitch before making a touchscreen pass and if successful and you are also successful in scoring a goal with the touchscreen you will get the trophy.

Pass Master
Make 100 successful passes using the touchscreen

If you use touchscreen passes all the time then you should get this easily. If you don't however then just simply stay on your half of the pitch and just keep touchscreen passing with your defenders so you should get it by the end of the match if you use this method.

All My Own Work
Win a Match with Manual Controls

From the main menu go into Customize, then Settings and select Control Settings and change the settings to the following:

Auto Switching: Manual
Auto Switching Move Assistance: None
Passing Power Assistance: Off
Pass Assistance: Manual
Through Pass Assistance:
Shot Assistance:
Assistance: Manual
Lob Pass Assistance: Manual
Assistance: Manual
Touchscreen: Off
Touchscreen: Off

With manual controls you need to use the left stick to aim in the directing you want to pass, shoot etc. If you're struggling with manual controls, try switching the difficulty to Amateur to make it much easier to win.

Against the Odds
Win a Head to Head Ranked Match using a weaker team

This can be tough to do legit. When you are selecting teams, wait until the other person is ready and select a team that is at least half a star lower than your opponent's team and just try to win with your team to get the trophy. If you're having trouble with the trophy than you can boost it with a friend and take turns winning with your teams.

Good Form
Play 5 consecutive Head to Head Ranked Matches without losing

This trophy IMO is the hardest trophy in the game because not only does it require five consecutive wins but if you get a disconnection, you have to start over so it is best to boost this trophy with a friend and take turns getting five consecutive wins.

Hundred and Counting
Play 100 Head to Head Ranked Matches

This trophy will be the most time consuming one not just because you will have to do 100 matches but you will have to deal with the sore losing rage quitters who will quit on you if you are winning and thus will not count the match towards the 100 mark even though it will increase the games played count so you may end up playing well over 100 matches before the trophy pops. In this case you have two options for getting this trophy; either boost the trophy with a dedicated partner or just purposely lose matches so that the sore losing rage quitters don't quitter don't quit on you. And also do not select rematch at the end of the match as the next match won't count even though it will also increase the games played count too.

Good Week!
Get yourself selected in the Team of the Week in Career Mode

Very easy trophy. While in Career mode, get your player's match rating to 9.0 or more (see Folklore on how to get a 9.0+ match rating) and you will receive a message sometime after a match saying that you have been selected for Team Of The Week.

Great Month!
Win the Manager of the Month award in Career Mode

This trophy can actually be very annoying. While this trophy is similar to Good Week!, it took me well into my second season as a manger before the trophy popped so I believe it is entirely random when you get Manager Of The Month and also I'm not sure if you can get the trophy if you play the matches as I didn't get it in the first season when I was playing the matches and I got it when I was just simming the matches. The best way to go for this trophy is just pick a really strong team and buy the best players and it should pop eventually.

Become a Legend as a player in Career Mode

This trophy will take at least two seasons to get. To become a legend within your football team you need to have a very high match rating (above 9.0 is ideal). To get a 9.0+ match rating depends on how well your virtual pro plays during a match. This includes the amount of goals scored, good passing, crosses and tackles and also creating good chances for other players. The best way to go around this is to just pass the ball to your pro whenever possible and let him score as much goals as possible per match. Keep on doing this and eventually during the second or third season the trophy will pop at the end of a match and you'll receive a message from the team's board who will inform you that you are considered a legend.

Woodwork and In!
Score off the post or cross bar in a match

You are pretty much guaranteed to get this trophy without even trying but even so it can be hard to pull off. Your best bet is to just focus on scoring from hitting the posts as it is very unlikely you would score a goal from hitting the crossbar. When you have ball, run up from one side of the oppositions half and when you are close to their goal, tap on the edge of the post (the left post if you are coming up from the right side or the right post if you're coming up from the left side) and hopefully it will hit the post and will go in the goal.

If you are still struggling with this method then get a penalty (See Pressure Is On on how to get a penalty) and when you taking the shot, tap on the edge of either post and hopefully it should hit the post and go in.

In the Game
Create a Virtual Pro

Very easy trophy. From the main menu, go into Virtual Pro and select Edit Pro. Give it whatever settings you want and select to finish creating your pro and the trophy will pop.

Complete 5 Kit & Appearance Accomplishments

To view how many accomplishments you have completed, go to Virtual Pro from the main menu and select Accomplishments.

This trophy you should get without even trying as some of the Kit And Appearance accomplishments are very basic including playing in the rain and snow (you can manually change the weather type before starting a match) and making your debut so oyu should easily be able to complete five accomplishments.

Unlock a trait for your Virtual Pro

To view how many accomplishments you have completed, go to Virtual Pro from the main menu and select Accomplishments.

To unlock a trait you must complete a certain number of accomplishments in one of the categories. I recommend you focus on Physical as you only need to complete five of the Physical accomplishments to unlock the Long Throw Trait and also because most of them are very easy to do.

Top of the League?
Win an online Friends League Match

This trophy will have to be boosted as you need a friend to do this trophy. From the main menu, go into Friends Leagues and then Create A League. Choose whatever settings you want an then hit to create it. Invite your friend to your league and just simply win it to get the trophy.

Massive Signing
Sign a player better than anyone else on your club during the transfer window

I recommend going for Manchester City when going for this trophy as they have a budget of over 100 million so you would be able to sign any high ranking player you want. Manchester City's best player has a ranking of about 85 so you need to go for someone with a rank of 86 or higher. To buy a player go to Transfers in the Career menu and select Buy Players. Set the Min Attribute Value to 85 and hit search and it will bring up the highest ranking players. I suggest going for Messi as he has an attribute of 90 and it would be handy having him when you are going for the other Manager related trophies. Select him and then send a transfer offer. You'll have to wait until they reply back on whether or not he agrees to the offer and if he doesn't then offer him the amount he has suggested and keep doing this until he agrees (or if the price is too high) and just sign him to your team.

FIFA Fair Play
Play 5 consecutive matches without getting any cards (Bookings must be enabled in the settings)

A very easy trophy and you will most likely get it while in Career. You need to avoid getting any yellow or red cards so using sliding tackles is completely out of the question. You can use standing tackles () as an alternative as you hardly ever get booked using it. If you get booked you will have to start over.

Tour Bus
Complete a match in every stadium

This trophy you should leave until last because by the time you have done almost everything in the game you will have played in half of the stadiums. When you do get to this trophy go play an exhibition match and go into game settings to select what stadium you want to play in.

This is the complete list of stadiums you need to play in for the trophy:

Akaaroa Stadium
Allianz Arena
Aloha Park
Amsterdam Arena
Arena Del Centenario
Arena D'Oro
BC Place Stadium
Court Lane
Crown Lane
Eastpoint Arena
El Libertador
El Monumento
Emirates Stadium
Estadio Azteca
Estadio De Las Artes
Estadio Mestalla
Estadio Nacional
Estadio Presidente G. Lopes
Estadio Vincente Calderon
Etihad Stadium
Euro Park
Forest Park Stadium
Imtech Arena
Ivy Lane
La Canchita
Molton Road
O Dromo
Old Trafford
Parc Des Princes
San Siro
Santiago Bernabeu
Signal Iduna Park
Sports Direct Arena
Stade Gerland
Stade Kokoto
Stade Municipal
Stade Velodrome
Stadio Classico
Stadio Comunale
Stadio Olimpico
Stadion 23. Maj
Stadion Europa
Stadion Hanguk
Stadion Neder
Stadion Olympik
Stamford Bridge
Town Park
Union Park Stadium
Veltins Arena

Challenging Schedule
Complete a Manager Mode Season without simming a game

You should get this while going towards Back To Back. You should go just go ahead and play all the matches as you have a better chance of winning the league title towards Back To Back. If you just want to get it out of the way then a quicker way of going about it is just forfeit every match at the beginning of the match through the pause menu and it will have counted as the match being played and when you inevitably get fired and start off again as a new manager the trophy will pop.

Cup Upset
Win a Tournament that starts with sixteen teams with a 1 Star rating team

From the main menu go to Game Modes and select Create Tournament. Set the number of teams to 16, set auto fill teams to no and go into advanced setting and set fixtures to one. Next select 16 one star teams (there are plenty in the Irish and English npower leagues and select . Because all teams will be evenly matched, it is advised you play your teams matches rather than just sim them.

Custom Sixty Four Winner
Win a Created Tournament that starts with sixty four teams

From the main menu go to Game Modes and select Create Tournament. Select Group And Knockout as that is the only tournament type that allows up to 64 teams in a tournament and select no to Auto Fill Teams so that you can decide what teams play in the tournament. Next is the Select Teams menu, select a five star team like Barcelona and for the other teams select low ranking teams (there are plenty in the English npower league and all the teams are two star or lower) and once all 64 teams have been selected press to begin the tournament. To save yourself time, sim all the matches instead of playing them yourself as it is very unlikely you would lose a match and just keep simming the matches until you reach the end of the tournament.

Complete 5 Accomplishments that unlock Celebrations Packs

To view how many accomplishments you have completed, go to Virtual Pro from the main menu and select Accomplishments.

Similar to Trait-or but for this trophy you only have two options for unlocking a Celebration pack; Shooting or Mental. Shooting is definitely the easiest of the two especially considering how some of the Shooting accomplishments require to do the most basic football skills and one of the accomplishments includes performing a hat trick which you need to do for Off The Top Of My Hat so you're better off on just focusing on the Shooting accomplishments.

Back to Back
Win consecutive League titles in any top tier League in Manager Mode

Simple enough really. You need to win a league title twice in a row for this trophy. To get this quickly, play as Manchester City who have the a budget of over 100 million and buy as many of the best players that you can afford just keep simming the matches and if you find yourself below first place than play the matches yourself and just apply this method to both seasons and hopefully you will have won two consecutive league titles.

Don't lose any matches played at Home in a season.

You should get this while working towards Folklore . Just simply avoid losing a single match at home which shouldn't be too difficult and you will receive the trophy at the end of the season.

A Man Down
Win a game when down one man before half-time

First off, get a player sent off before you reach halftime. Slide tackle using any player player (sprinting and slide tackling from behind can often result in an automatic red card) and after two repeated offences with the same player, the referee will issue him a red card. Then just simply win the match.

Don't Blink
Score within the first 5 minutes of the game in a game vs the CPU

The best way to get the trophy is to set the difficulty to amateur so that you can easily run past the players with the ball and also if you're struggling to get it with the default time amount per half, set the match time for longer so that you'll have a much better chance of scoring within the first five minutes.

No Draw For You!
Score a 90th minute winner in a game vs the CPU

Set up a regular exhibition match and when the match starts, just stay in your half of the pitch and let the time run out until there is five minutes left. When it gets to the 85th minute, go up to the oppositions pitch and wait around near the penalty box and as soon as it reaches the 90th minute, quickly score before the match ends. If you're having trouble with the trophy then set the difficulty to amateur which will make the trophy a bit easier for you.

Ruud Boy
Score a goal from a volley

This trophy can be tricky but even so you should be able to get it without even trying. The best possible setup for a volley is to do a lob pass to a nearby player by the opposition's goal which should hopefully create a chance to pull off a volley and get it in the goal too.

One Goal a Season
Score a goal with a defender

You should get this trophy without even trying. The best time to get this trophy is during a corner kick as most of the defenders come up during a corner so if you score from a corner, it is more than likely that it was a defender who scored or alternatively you can just just run up to the oppositions goal as a defender and attempt to score. If you struggle with both of those options then go into Be A Pro: Player and select a defender as the player you want to play as and attempt to score with your player.

Chip the Keeper in a Head to Head Ranked match

To perform a chip, hold down the L and R buttons and press to chip the ball over the keeper. The best time to chip the keeper is when you are in the penalty box as the keeper comes out of his goal. To score a goal from a chip can be very tricky to do especially if you playing against another person online so if you are struggling to chip the keeper then you can boost the trophy with another person and take turns chipping each other's keeper.

Tiki Taka
Make 20 consecutive passes between at least 3 players in the opponent's half

When you have the ball, run into the oppositions half and begin passing the ball between your players without losing the ball or going back into your half of the pitch. Try to pass to players who aren't next to an opposing player and don't stray too far near the opposition's goal as there are more opposing players there and it would increase the chances of losing the ball.

Sparkly Clean
Keep a clean sheet on World Class difficulty or higher

World Class is the second highest difficulty in the game so it can be difficult to keep a clean sheet but fear not there is an easy way if you cannot get it through playing the match normally. Go into an Exhibition match and select a high ranking team and for the opposition select a very low ranking team (Go to the Irish League and select Dundalk as they have a half a star rating). When the match starts, quickly get the ball (when the other team kick off) and just bring it into your half of the pitch and just keep passing with your defenders until the match ends (If you haven't got it already, I suggest using this opportunity to go for Pass Master while working on this trophy) and as long as the other team haven't scored you will get the trophy.

Off the Top of My Hat
Score a Hat Trick with your Virtual Pro

You should be able to get this while in Career mode. Just keep on passing the ball to your Pro whenever he is in range and keep on trying to score with your Pro three times in the one match to get the trophy. If you are having problems with getting a hat trick with your Pro, switch the difficulty to amateur to make it easier for you.

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