Players: 1-2 (locally)
Online Trophies: 0
Online Pass Required: No online pass
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No known cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-2 hours (due to randomness of games)
Minimum Playthroughs: Several
Collectible Trophies: 0
Missable Trophies: 0
Glitched Trophies: While playing this game several trophies glitched on me and wouldn't unlock after several attempts. If this happens to you back up your save data on PS+, your PS3, or a PC. Then delete the game off of your Vita. Download the game again and install it (along with the patch). Install your save data and play the games again. This should enable you to unlock the trophies right away.

[top]Tips & Strategies

The trophies for this dlc are very straightforward. The only challenging thing is that the mini-games are so random and will sometimes take a few plays to show up or unlock. You can increase the odds of certain games showing up by going "Options" and turning off Augmented Reality, Tilt, Mic, and/or Camera if the game you are waiting for does not need one of these options.


*In order to be able to unlock the trophies, be sure to install the patch prior to playing.*

There really is no need for a roadmap for this dlc as the trophies are very straightforward. All of the trophies can be unlocked on Fixed Length games. Some of them may take a few plays to get as the mini-games are random. Just keep playing until you get to the correct mini-games and follow the guide below for each specific trophy. Soon enough you will have a 100% for this dlc!


Frobisher Says: "Figure it out from the title!"

This trophy is in the Tune This Radio To the Traffic Report mini-game. The object of this game is tune a radio to hear a traffic report. There is also another channel on the radio that sounds like an alien sound. You will know when you go past a channel because the front of the radio will light up and you will also hear the sound of the channel. To get this trophy, first tune the radio until you get to the alien sound and keep it there for a few seconds. Then, tune the radio to the traffic report to end the game and the trophy will pop shortly after.

Bored Room
Photograph the board when 3 or more of them aren't ready.

This trophy is in the Photograph My Board of Trustees mini-game. The object of this game is to photograph five people when they are all ready for the picture. Some of them will do things like cough, fart, pick their nose, etc. when they get bored. When they do this an exclamation point will show up over their head. To unlock this trophy you need to photograph the trustees when 3 of them have exclamation points over their heads by pressing . This may take some time and patience as they usually do things at different times. Also, this game tends to show up twice in a round. The first time it shows up only two of the trustees will do something so you will probably not be able to get the trophy at that time. Wait until the game shows up a second time and three of the trustees are doing things. Once you photograph 3 of them with exclamation points over their heads the trophy will unlock.

Search for a Star
Locate and focus on 8 of the constellations in one game

This trophy is in the Find the Constellation mini-game. The object of this game is to focus the Vita on the constellation that it tells you to find. In order to get this trophy you will need find all 8 constellations. This isn't possible to do in just one round of the mini-game, but this mini-game will usually show up twice so you can find 4 each time which will net you the trophy. Be sure to focus on the constellation it tells you to find last otherwise it will end the game. Focus on each constellation for a few seconds to make sure that it counts. Once you have found all 8 constellations within a full round of the game the trophy will unlock.

Half Dry
Frobisher Says: "Figure it out from the title!"!

This trophy is in the Dry My Incredibly Long Dachshund mini-game. This is the easiest trophy in this dlc. The object of this game is to use the front and rear touchscreen to dry a dachshund. Instead of doing that, use only the rear touchscreen to dry him. Once he is dry and the level is over the trophy will pop.

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