Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 4 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

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[top]Tips & Strategies

  • There isn't much for the missions as they are pretty straight forward. Just make sure to read and do everything it tells you too.
  • Be sure to keep your distance when following certain things as you will need to start over if caught.
  • For your challenges, just study locations and enemies.
  • Use previous techniques from the main game as well as create some new ones to make the challenges faster and slightly easier.


Step 1:
Complete the two new missions from the DLC pack. Right at the beginning you will need to go to your menu by pressing and click the third icon from the bottom. On the right side is the DLC missions. Click the first one and set your Navi to it. Go to the location and start the mission. The first mission takes place in front of a Mansion in which the Navi is already set to it. When you have completed the first mission hit and you will see a blue dot with a lightning bolt inside. This is the second mission, so set your Navi to it and go complete it.

Step 2:
Complete the two new challenges. Hit to see the two new green dots on the map. These are the two missions. They are a bit challenging but nothing to serious. Complete these two challenges to get the trophies that are with them.


In Service
Obtained the Maid costume.

This will be the first trophy earned in this DLC. After talking to the man and his son, you head to the mansion to get the maid job. The mistress of the house gives you the maid outfit so that you are not wearing your rags.

The Diary of a Maid
Completed “The Diary of a Maid.”

This the first mission you get in the DLC.

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After talking with the man and his son, you find out that this mansion is looking for a maid to help around. Set the Navi to the mansion and head over there. You will meet the Mistress of the house. The first thing she does is ask you questions about the town, Here are the answers:
  • Auldnoir
  • Fish
  • Turtle, Frog, Boy
  • Precious Gems
Once you answer the questions correctly, the Mistress will send you on your first task. There is some statues and picture frames right outside the house. You need to pick up each one with and bring it around pack to the garbage. You are being time so you will need to move the 10 items quickly. After this she will have you bring back her Ice cream, cookies and chocolate. Each product will have a Navi set to it, so you just need to fly over to them. The Ice cream is first, in which you need to go to the stand and press to pick it up. The next is the cookies, but unlike the Ice cream you will only be lead to the area. At this point you need to find which stand has the cookies has there is a few of them. When you find the cookies you will need to find the chocolate next. This is found under ground and there are two stands. The stand with the line of all girls is the one you want. When you have all three items, head back to the mansion. Do all this in a timely manner as you are being timed.

As you return to the mansion, the Mistress no longer wants the ice cream as she is now frantic of the loss of some papers out the window. There are 5 main pages but there are also others lying around. These are found around the outside of the mansion, either right on the ground or underneath some objects. You will need to move the objects with and throw them with again in order to collect the page. When you found the last page you will be brought back to the Mistress thus ending the first mission.

Page Locations:

Page 1.

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Page 2.

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Page 3.

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Page 4.

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Page 5.

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Page 6.

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Page 7.

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Page 8.

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The Madam and the Shifter
Completed “The Madam and the Shifter.”

This missions starts you off talking to that man and his son. After the conversation head over to the Mansion where you will find out you don't have to work. The mistress is acting funny, so you must follow her around. Occasionally she stops to look around, so stay out of site. Eventually you will enter a taxi in which you must follow as well but keeping a distance. When the taxi lands, you have to go over to the spot in which she was standing to find a letter. From here you must locate the object at the root of one of the trees.
Picture of tree spot:

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A gust of wind comes and blows the paper down, so fly to it to find the husband that has gone missing. After some words, 4 waves of Nevi's appear. Defeat all the Nevi and the husband will appear again. Talk with him and you will go back to the top. Here the Mistress will meet up with you. Some conversation happens and thus ending the mission.

Rooftop Walker
Earned a silver medal or better in Auldnoir Free Race II.

See Rooftop Runner for details and pictures.

Rooftop Runner
Earned a gold medal in Auldnoir Free Race II.

To get the gold, it isn't entirely hard. The main thing to do is memorize the locations of the checkpoints. After you target the checkpoint, use to fast fall and aim using the left analog stick. Be fast and precise in order to make it within the time limit. Use your Gravity slide when there are multiple checkpoints in a row on a flat surface by putting your fingers on the bottom two corners of the front touch screen.

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Unlimited Shifter
Earned a silver medal or better in the Rift Plane Unlimited Time Attack.

See Maximum Shifter for details and pictures.

Maximum Shifter
Earned a gold medal in the Rift Plane Unlimited Time Attack.

Usually, these types of challenges aren't to *challenging*. This one, however, gives a bit of a challenge. The good thing about this challenge is you have unlimited gravity gauge with unlimited special attacks. If you don't already, make sure to upgrade all three of your special attacks so that they are more efficient and much stronger. There is about one of every Nevi in this challenge that you have previously ran into already. The key factor is knowing which special attack to use on what enemies and where. If there is a group of land walkers, the Micro Black Hole (Left analog stick down and ) to sweep them all up. Most flying enemies work well with the Gravity Typhoon (Left analog stick up and ). Sometimes in groups, the Spiraling Claw ( ) works good enough. You just have to aim, target and time efficiently.

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Head of the Household
Cleared every mission and challenge mission in the Maid Pack.

Complete the two missions
The Diary of a Maid
The Madam and the Shifter

and just play the two challenges: Auldnoir Free Race II and Rift Plane Unlimited Time Attack.

**You don't need to earn a medal in the challenges, you just need to play them.**

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